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Overnight SPA Level Repair,
Moisture In, Aggressors Out

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The New Oil In Water Essence!

Oil-in-Water essence

Powerful Natural Ingredients

pH Balancing Thermal Water
Born in the French Volcanoes & enriched with 15 natural minerals to help protect skin barrier for hydrated skin.

Hyaluronic Acid
Derived from Fermented Wheat, it has the ability to retain water and replumps the skin.

Derived from Olives, Squalane is easily absorbed into skin and helps to reinforce skin barrier integrity.

Vitamin E
Extract from sunflower oil, it has powerful anti-oxidant properties. Forms a shield against skin aggressors and repairs damages.

The Skin's Bodyguard:

Our Skin Is Protected By A Barrier Called The Hydrolipidic Film, Which Helps To Protect Our Skin From Aggressors & Prevent Moisture Loss. A Weakened Skin Barrier Results In:

Skin Dehydration
-Transdermal Water Loss Increases

Vulnerability To Skin Aggressors
-Free Radicals Penetrate Deeper into Skin

Protect & Repair #Your2ndSkin

With similar properties to hydrolipidic film (skin barrier), Oil-In-Water Essence helps to hydrate, repair, and strengthen skin’s natural barrier to prevent moisture loss & to “lock in” hydration.

SPA Level Intense Hydration vs Professional SPA Facial

After 4 weeks of usage, 98% of consumers feel that the product has a moisturizing/hydration effect*

*Test conducted on 51 Asian women

Application Techniques

Inspired By Vichy Spa Institution

  • Step 1 :Warm product on your hands
  • Step 2 :Press lightly onto the your cheeks
  • Step 3 :Move to the sides of the face and apply an upward pressure
  • Step 4 :With 2 hands, apply onto your forehead and move outwards

After 4 weeks of usage,
90% of consumers feel that the texture of the product feels lightweight on skin*

*Test conducted on 85 Asian women

Play & Win

Answer 5 Questions Correctly By Dragging The Correct Answer To The Bottle In the Middle & Stand A Chance To Win A Free Aqualia Thermal Oil-in-Water Essence!

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Discover Aqualia
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For Spa Level Hydration, Skin Repair
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Moisture In, Aggressors Out