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NORMADERMPhytosolution - Double Correction Daily Care

The Vichy’s ultimate daily moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin, powered by dermatological ingredients from natural origin with a double-efficacy on the skin:
1) TREAT ACNE IMPERFECTIONS: 2x less acne lesions with all-rounded cure on pimples, blackheads and marks.
2) HYDATES OILY SKIN: hydrates for 24HR, regulates sebum and reduce pores visibility.
3) MATTIFIES: 2x less sebum, and reduce pores visibility.

INNOVATION: a water-based ultra-lightweight texture preventing pores obstruction, that easily glides onto the skin and absorbs quickly. No greasy finish.

  • Non comedogenic
  • Physiological pH (5.5)
  • Anti-pollution

Locally, targets:

  • Blemishes: -42%*
  • Blackheads : -31%*

Overall, acts on:

  • Residual marks -62%*
  • Radiance +26%*

*Clinical scoring on 50 women with an oily acne prone skin, including sensitive skin. Application twice a day. 8 weeks.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTSSalicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Probiotic-derived Bifidus
SKIN TYPEOily and acne-prone skin
WHENMorning + Evening
BENEFITSPurified, hydrated, mattified skin with lesser acne
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Phytosolution - Double Correction Daily Care
Phytosolution - Double Correction Daily Care

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