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3 reasons to go to the drugstore when you have a sensitive scalp

Is the answer to your sensitive scalp waiting behind the drugstore door?

3 reasons to go to the drugstore when you have a sensitive scalp

You might be used to picking up your haircare products at the store when you buy your groceries - it's quick and convenient! However, if you suffer from a sensitive scalp (if redness, flaking, itching, prickling or burning sensations are familiar to you, you fall into this category) it might be a better idea to make a detour to your local drugstore and have a conversation with your pharmacist.
Here are 3 reasons why...

A familiar face with the expertise you need

Not only is your pharmacist aware of your medical history, but s/he is also a qualified expert whose job it is to listen to your symptoms and recommend the haircare product most suited to your needs. The ingredients on the back of a shampoo bottle can be confusing to most people, but your pharmacist will be able to translate them into words you understand, so that together you can make an informed decision on what to use.

A question of sensibility

It’s important to keep in mind that sensitive skin might react negatively to the ingredients found in traditional products, rendering your scalp even more itchy and irritated. By getting  to know which products are gentle (yet effective!) on sensitive skin, it will be easier to narrow down your options and find a tailored solution.

Specific skincare requirements

You wouldn't go to the grocery store to buy medication, so why go if you're looking for sensitive scalp treatment? To soothe your scalp and prevent sensitivity from reoccurring, your best option is a shampoo that's both hypoallergenic (formulated to avoid allergic reactions) and dermatologist tested. Visiting your local drugstore and asking the advice of a professional is the best way to guarantee you find the most gentle and effective shampoo for your sensitive scalp and hair type.

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