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4 reasons to use Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water in your anti-wrinkle skincare routine

INSIDE-IMG-_4-reasons-to-use-Mineralizing-Water-Sourced from the heart of French volcanoes, Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water contains 15 different minerals, with properties that help treat sensitive skin and signs of aging. Here are 4 reasons why Mineralizing Water should be a part of your anti-wrinkle skincare routine.

Reinforcing against skin influenceurs

One of the most common causes of wrinkles is sun damage, even on skin that has not been over-exposed to UV rays. Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water was tested for its ability to reinforce the skin's natural defenses against sun damage. The results show that application of the water 15 minutes before exposure to the sun significantly increased catalase activity (an enzyme that protects cells from UV rays) compared to untreated skin.

Regenerating your epidermis

Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water has been proven to improve epidermal regeneration by strengthening the cutaneous barrier, resulting in improved skin condition. The passage of water between cells is optimized, enabling greater hydration and improvement in skin's elasticity.

Soothing the skin

As skin gets older, it can become sensitive. Target the signs of aging while also relieving your skin from inflammation, redness and other signs of sensitivity with a soothing pH Balancing Thermal water.
A clinical study by L'Oréal on 27 subjects with sensitive skin evaluated the efficacy of Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water when applied to the face and affected cutaneous areas twice a day for 1 month. The results showed significant reduction of all clinical signs of sensitive skin.
Study participants also reported that just 5 minutes of Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water applied onto the affected area (using a soaked tissue) produced a soothing sensation.


External elements such as the weather and pollution can damage and weaken your skin, making it more vulnerable to sensitivity, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Tests showed that the Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water helped skin maintain a steady PH level - protecting against inflammation and discomfort.

How to incorporate mineralizing water in to your routine

While the Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water spray is ideal for a quick refreshing burst of minerals, the water is also integrated into all of Vichy's products, meaning that every time you apply your day cream, night cream, serum or cleanser for example, you are protecting your skin from sensitivity and the signs of ageing.

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