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4 tips to fight male hair loss

Hereditary hair loss may occur in varying degrees, at any age. It can dramatically affect your confidence, especially if you're young or if you are experiencing other major stresses in your life.

4 tips to fight male hair loss

“Male pattern baldness” is linked to hormones and starts with thinning at the front of the hairline and on the crown, and it can also affect women*. Other hair loss causes may be seasonal, linked to extreme stress or to medical conditions, so it makes sense to confirm the reason for your hair loss before you look at the various treatment options. Consulting your pharmacist is a good start.

For all types of hair loss, these four tips can help to lessen the distressing problem:

1. Feed your follicles

Proper dietary nourishment and a well-functioning endocrine system are vital for healthy functioning of your hair follicles. Hair health expert Dr. Bergfeld** points out that protein promotes cell growth for your hair just as it does for your muscles after a workout. Eggs are a great source of clean protein and essential B vitamins. Iron and zinc are equally important for a healthy scalp, so consider taking these as supplements.

2. Respect your scalp

hampooing too often and dyeing hair can damage the follicles and make existing hair weak and brittle. Never brush your hair when wet and avoid pulling it. If you blow-dry, use a cooler setting to avoid causing damage, and don’t overexpose your scalp to strong sunlight as this will dry it.

3. Sleep more

Many clinical studies, including one by the Belgravia Centre
, agree that lack of sleep can trigger or accelerate hair loss. Sleep regenerates the entire body and is essential to boost the immune system, hormone balance, stamina, and to combat stress.

4. Stress Less

The more distress you experience, the worse for your general health and your scalp. Many sufferers question whether their partner will still love them; others even become socially reclusive. Don’t suffer in silence: talk about problems with your loved ones, or access an online support group for hair loss.

*The Institute of Trichologists.
**published in Medical Daily

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