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5 Tips to look bright-eyed in spite of a lack of sleep

A lack of sleep is unforgiving. It marks the eye contour, deepens wrinkle lines and dulls your complexion. Fortunately, a few treatments and tricks can create the illusion of a good night’s rest. Follow the guide!

5 Tips to look bright-eyed in spite of a lack of sleep

#1: Cleanse the face with cold water

To emerge from a lack of sleep, splashing your face with cold water is often the first instinct! Indeed, this saving action not only forces the body to respond, but also to activate microcirculation.
Even better: forget hard water, as it favors irritations, and go for a misting of Vichy Mineralizing Water. This way, the muscles are revived and the skin is strengthened for an instant glow. To prolong the stimulating effect of the cold, try putting two spoons in the freezer for five minutes. Then, place them on your eyes for at least 15 minutes.
You’ll reduce swelling around the eyes and be able to say goodbye to dark circles!

#2: Plump the skin with a mask

They say tired skin means dehydrated skin. And of course, the eye contours are not the only areas to suffer... your face does too! On wakening, rectify the damage with a mask that is rich in mineralizing water and hyaluronic acid, allowing the skin to rejuvenate and fight the signs of fatigue. To maximize these benefits, remember to apply your skincare treatment on a perfectly cleansed skin.
Editor’s tip: first, restart the microcirculation with a self-massage! Gently massage your eyes with your fingers in circular motions. Begin with the eyes, then continue on the orbital bone area. That is, along the eyebrows, forehead and underneath the lower eyelid. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

#3: Brighten the look with a serum

For a fresh and rested look, keeping up the hydration process is essential. Therefore, it is important to smooth on serum specifically designed for the eye contour, under your day cream. Apply carefully to the bony part of the eye area and pat with your fingertips, from the inner corner to the outer corner. Generally rich in reparative properties and illuminators, this soothes, regenerates and illuminates those shadowy areas.

#4: Banish dark circles

Once your skin is well-hydrated, hide flaws with a concealer or corrector stick. Their beige base and light reflectors fade away the purplish color of dark circles, but also illuminate the face instantly. An extra trick: finishing with a layer of black mascara on the eyelashes is a great way to open up your gaze. In summer, say yes to vibrant eyelashes in swimming-pool blue or lagoon green colors. Outstanding anti-fatigue colors!

#5: Ensure your vitamin C intake

Dark circles are caused by poor microcirculation, but they can be reduced with vitamins C and E, guaranteeing a good return of blood to the veins. On those days when you’re extra-tired, treat yourself to a delicious smoothie with citrus, kiwi and red fruits, to wash down a handful of almonds or hazelnuts for vitamin E. Nothing beats this energizing snack!

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