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5 tips to prevent the formation of wrinkles

Wrinkles develop due to a combination of factors. In order to get ahead and avoid them before they develop, here are our five top tips... Say goodbye to wrinkles before they start.

Sun protection

One of the main causes of
extrinsic aging is damage from the sun's UV rays. Even on cloudy days, the skin can still become damaged. To prevent causing long-term damage to your skin, always wear sunscreen when outdoors, keep out of the sun during peak hours, wear a hat when possible, and don't forget your shades.
This last tip is essential for reducing the risk of developing fine lines around the eyes, aka crow's feet, which can form if you are constantly squinting in the sunlight.

Sleep well

Sleep is essential for healthy skin with a firm, buoyant look.  While we are dreaming away, our skin is repairing itself and retightening. Without enough sleep, skin not only looks dull, but the lack of elasticity can cause lines to appear. Areas particularly prone to developing fatigue-related lines are the eyes and mouth.

Ideally, we should be sleeping 8 hours and on our backs. Why? Not pressing the face into the pillow for hours on end is a way to avoid waking up with what are dubbed "sleep wrinkles". On younger skin, sleep wrinkles disappear immediately but, due to a diminishing amount of collagen and elastin as we age, older skin does not recover as quickly.


Without enough water and hydration, skin cells lose their plumpness, leaving the skin uneven and fragile. To hydrate your skin, drinking more water will help, but it's also important to maintain a regular skincare routine including both a day and night cream.

Get your vitamins

Healthy-looking skin starts from the inside. Among the vitamins and minerals the most essential for our skin is vitamin C. Known for its anti-oxidant properties (oxidation is of the main causes of premature skin aging!), it can also help to boost collagen production and aid your sunscreen protection against UV rays.
But don’t just limit this ingredient to topical application and prepare yourself a healthy meal: Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits and dark leafy greens, as well as tomatoes, broccoli, berries and peas.

Skincare application

It's great that you have a daily skincare routine, but did you know that your application technique is also important? Instead of quickly smoothing your cream and/or serum into the skin, use the flat part of your fingers to perform a simple massage technique.  
This ensures penetration of the product into the skin and can also help to stimulate blood flow.

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