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50 shades of water

Cosmetic water, toner, softener, and essence water… it’s all about water. A brief exploration of water in Asian skincare.

50 shades of water

What exactly are cosmetic waters? There are many on the market, with varying textures, sensations and names. Generally the term includes all skincare lotions. Vichy considers that there are three main types of cosmetic water:

1. Toner: skin’s second cleansing and first dose of hydration Particularly vital if you wear make-up or have combination oily skin, toner completes your facial cleansing regime by the removal of excess sebum and any last make-up traces that can clog your pores. After morning and evening cleansing, apply using a cotton disk and slide gently from the center of your face outwards, paying extra attention to the nose, chin and forehead. We recommend Aqualia Thermal Refreshing & Hydrating Water for its cleansing and hydration action - thanks to ingredients such as glycerin and vitamin E.

2. Softener: prepping for optimal absorption of care products Once its dead cells have been gently removed with a softener, the skin is better able to receive further care. If your skin is normal to dry, or if it has not responded much to high-performance serums and creams, use a softener before applying your care products and this will maximize their effect. Highly concentrated with dynamic, long-lasting moisturizing properties, Aqualia Boosting Essence Water immediately provides you with softer skin.

3. Essence water: hydration, protection and nutrition Essence water is for skin that craves more moisture, or simply requires a little more pampering. Essence water should be used after toner and/or softener, in place of serum, or before serum if your skin is especially dry. Which essence water to select? Inspired by ultra-moisturizing spa formulas, Aqualia Oil-in-Water Essence has an ultra sensory texture with the high-tech "sea of ​​pearls" formula: a perfect equilibrium of oil and water. It nourishes and strengthens the skin by reinforcing its natural defense system.

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