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A moisturized face is a happy face

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Is your skin feeling a little tight lately? A dry, stretched face not only feels uncomfortable but can affect the quality of your skin in the long run.

A moisturized face is a happy face

How can you regulate your skin’s moisture levels?

You’ll need to reactivate your skin’s water flow in order to optimize hydration across your entire face and get plump, moisturized skin. Where to start? Florence Benech recommends products that retain your skin’s moisture levels and facilitate water flow between cells. Vichy Mineralizing Water boosts water circulation in the skin, and contains 15 invigorating minerals to improve skin quality and soothe sensitive skin. It also contains proven antioxidant properties to combat skin aging. Effective day creams often contain sugars with hygroscopic properties, meaning that they attract and hold water. Some sugars – such as hyaluronic acid – help plump up skin tissue by boosting moisture levels, smooth the skin by forming an invisible film on the skin’s surface and provide long-lasting hydration.

Is there anything else you can do to boost your skin’s moisture levels?

When you shower in the morning, use lukewarm water – the hotter the water, the more your skin will dry out. Also, make sure to exercise regularly – perspiration opens your pores and encourages the production of sebum and lipids, which nourish and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Another tip? The next time you go to the beach, try not to let salty sea water dry on your face – it can increase the harmful effect of the sun’s rays and dry out your skin. Make sure you take a shower as soon as you leave the waves!

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