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A positive, mindful approach to aging

As we age, the physical and psychological changes can be a source of stress. Focus on mindfulness and balance to ease the process.

A positive, mindful approach to aging

Often, when we first become aware of aging-related signs such as thinning hair, the arrival of wrinkles, slackening muscles, or the first hot flush, we experience feelings similar to grief. This transition from our younger selves to an unknown, future person can present major challenges, yet many women experience a newfound sense of freedom and anticipate personal growth as their focus turns to nurturing themselves.

A time of reflection and inspiration

There has been much research into the generic benefits of mindfulness meditation, and how this technique can help with aging-related issues. A study done at the
University of Massachusetts Medical School , reported lower anxiety and an overall sense of wellbeing for older female participants in a mindfulness-based program.

Karita Saar Cullen, a mindfulness teacher at Trinity College, Dublin, explains how this type of meditation calms the mind when we sit or walk and tune into our breathing. Distressing thoughts are observed, named, and let go. Check out My Second Spring and Mindful websites for these coping techniques.

Nutritional wellbeing

Complement your meditation and improve your overall health by avoiding over-spicy foods, high sugar and fat contents. Drink plenty of water and amp up your intake of whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruit. Nuts and seeds contain vitamin E, zinc and calcium: great for skin, hair and bone health.

Taking care of your appearance

Hair thinning is a common problem associated with aging, so consider a cosmetic solution. Aminexil works on both the strand and the follicle, nourishing the scalp and strengthen the hair.

Extra attention to your skin and hair, plus regular exercise can boost your confidence and sense of femininity.

Seize this chance to become a more confident you!

* University of California San Francisco

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