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A sneak peek into the Vichy lab: all the tests behind Oil-in-Water

Vichy Laboratories perform strict tests to ensure perfect safety and maximum efficiency of all our products. Oil In Water, being a unique skin treatment, was subject to five main tests

A sneak peek into the Vichy lab: all the tests behind Oil-in-Water

1. Self-assessments by 85 Asian female consumers

A selection of women aged 18-50 years old, who identified as having sensitive skin of all types, added Oil-in-Water to their usual skin care routine for 28 days. Under attack from solar radiation, pollution and drying air conditioning, Asian women’s skin is in particular need of intense rehydrating care.

These real-life test participants reported:

With Oil-in-Water essence, skin is well hydrated on all facial areas: 85.9%
Dehydration fine lines looked smoothed: 87.1%
After 4 weeks’ application, 85.9% of women found their complexion fresher, and 91.8% said it suited their skin type.

2. Hydration Test

Using a corneometer testing technique on 26 Chinese women, Vichy Laboratories objectively proved the outstanding skin hydration properties of this innovative formula. After 1 hour, hydration levels are boosted by +47.53%, with +24.26% moisture remaining after a full 24 hours.

3. Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) Test

This measures the amount of water that diffuses and evaporates through the epidermal skin layer. Moisture loss can vary according to atmospheric conditions and the quality of the hydrolipidic film. The effectiveness of Oil-in-Water was tested on 24 Chinese women aged 18 to 65, and an hour after using this product as a new skincare step, the TEWL was reduced by 38%, thus protecting skin by avoiding dehydration.

4. Repeated patch test

100 healthy volunteers (men and women) wore a patch infused with the product for 48 hours to test for allergy or contact sensitivity. Result? Aqualia Oil-in-Water Essence is proved to be non-sensitizing and non-irritatating, proving its safety on even the most delicate skin.

5. Use test under dermatological control

50 Asian women aged 18-35 and coping with dull skin applied Oil-in-Water Essence to their skin, twice per day over 4 weeks, and reported excellent tolerance of the product.

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