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Be perfectly pampered, naturally!

Are you at one with Mother Nature? Do you love getting creative with natural ingredients and using them in your beauty routine? We've a few suggestions to incorporate into your "me-time" moments.

Be perfectly pampered, naturally!

Let the pampering begin!

Start with a relaxing homemade facial steam using a few sprigs of dried lavender, a natural anti-bacterial, and a combination of your favorite herbs, such as thyme, chamomile, lemongrass or rosemary. Simmer a handful of the herbs in a large pot of water, then remove from the stove, place a towel over your head, and breathe deeply and gently. Keep your face at least 8 inches away from the water. The steam from the water will also help open your pores and remove impurities.   Inside out: Green tea is widely reputed for its positive effects on the skin’s elasticity. Steep a tea bag in hot water and then add a squeeze of lemon juice for a detox.

Mineral-based mask ‘magic’

The new Vichy face masks are formulated with mineral enriched Vichy mineralizing water for its regenerating, reinforcing and PH rebalancing properties, making them ideal for sensitive skin.  The Pore Purifying Mask contains two types of clay sourced from south-west England, Nevada, Arizona and California and Aloe Vera. The Double Glow Peel Mask is rich in fruit acids and vitamin CG, and the Quenching Mineral Mask contains soothing vitamin B3. All the masks use Vichy Mineralizing Water from volcanoes in Auvergne, France, scientifically proved to make skin stronger. A slice of cucumber over each eye will ensure you don't leave any part of your face un-pampered!  Inside Out: Add the rest of your cucumber in a pitcher of water for a refreshing infused drink!

Pure relaxation while you pamper

While you're waiting for your mask, unwind in a warm bath and apply a homemade body scrub. Take coconut oil and add brown sugar or sea salt. A few drops of vanilla essence will have you smelling good enough to eat! After a thorough exfoliation, paying extra attention to the rough skin on your elbows and feet, let your mind wander while you sip on a smoothie.  Inside Out: Mix coconut water with a handful of frozen berries, acai and banana for extra energy.

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