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Behind the scenes: 3 women explain the development of an anti-wrinkle serum

From ideas on a piece of paper, to testing a final product, three women reveal the different stages in the creation of an anti-ageing serum.

#1 Creating the concept of a new product: Florence

“As the head of the Active Cosmetics Division, my team and I conceive and create new products for Vichy in collaboration with the marketing teams.
Our focus is on innovation, whether it be in the active ingredients, the texture or the sensory aspects of the product. What consumers might not know perhaps is the fact that for a new product to appear on shelf, we invest into 2 to 6 years of development work!

My job is both intellectual, in that we have to scratch our heads and come up with the best combination of ingredients and technology, and creative.
We start with a very theoretical stage where we brainstorm our ideas alongside our suggestions of how to achieve them: the target skincare problem, combination of ingredients, technology, texture etc. Then we discuss with the marketing team before moving on to the science behind it.

The challenge when developing a product is to find the right balance between something beautiful - with an effective formula, pleasant fragrance and enjoyable texture - without compromising on product performance. And this alone can take over 150 different formula proposals before we find the one! ”

#2 Finding the best formula and actives through thorough research: Sophie

Sophie Veyrat“I'm a Laboratory Manager at Vichy, in charge of research dedicated solely to Vichy skincare. When it comes to developing a new product, our key priority is ensuring formulae safety because Vichy products are developed for sensitive skin.

We then have to think about how to create a formula that includes active ingredients proven for their efficacy, such as Rhamnose, and combine these to create a texture and an application sensation that users will enjoy when applying their products.

The advances in technology over the course of my career have been extensive. We've found ourselves at the forefront of the computerization of wrinkle development analysis.”

#3 Optimizing products for efficacy: Nathalie

Nathalie Caron“My work includes organizing all the tests (clinical and user-based) that support Vichy's reputation and prove our products' efficacy. I'm in permanent contact with the research, marketing and legal teams. This role is especially important for Vichy, as our products are designed for sensitive skin types.

My job is to ensure that this balance between enjoyment of use  and product effectiveness is recognized by dermatologists and our consumers! “

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