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Combat dullness and achieve younger-looking skin

Even the most radiant, youthful complexion can start to look dull as the years go by. Our experts reveal the reasons behind this phenomenon and offer advice on how to achieve a brighter complexion and keep aging at bay.

Combat dullness and achieve younger-looking skin

Confused about your complexion? Here’s help

Aging is more than fine lines and wrinkles. Beauty is often characterized by a natural radiance and a bright, fresh, clear complexion. But “a complexion that’s grey, patchy and rough doesn’t reflect the light properly and can soon become dull and lifeless,” explains Pascale Piquemal, Head of clinical assessment at L’Oréal Research and Colorimetry expert. “When your skin’s brightness fades, your complexion starts to look less youthful. The skin’s deep layers lose their clarity and luminosity, darkening the complexion – and this is exacerbated by blotchiness or dark spots,” says Pascale Piquemal. This actually has a direct impact on how young you look – people with dull, patchy skin and imperfections such as dilated pores or roughness can appear up to five years older than their real age. External factors such as pollution, smoking and cold weather can also play a part. “And UV rays silently damage the skin cells deep down and stop the skin from working properly, making it look even duller,” adds Pascale Piquemal. But all is not lost! Here are some tips that can really make a difference.

Exfoliating can work mini-miracles

Exfoliating is a great way to reduce dullness and even out the complexion. How? The process smoothes facial features and also drains the liquid under the skin. But be careful – Annic Lefol-Malosse, Director of the Vichy Institute, warns that scrubbing your face too hard can irritate your skin. “Trust that the product will work,” says Annic Lefol-Malosse. “It’s designed to be used with gentle circular movements, working from the inside outwards.”

Pinch yourself – great-looking skin really is possible!

You’re always looking for new ways to take care of your skin? Try a mini face massage, an easy way to refresh skin. The right steps with Annic Lefol-Malosse :
- Lightly pinch the skin between your thumb and index finger, then turn it gently from right to left, as if you were turning a key in a lock, pressing down slightly on the edge of the skin before letting go.
- Repeat these “pinch-and-turn” movements from your chin to your jawbones, from your cheekbones to your ears, from your nose to your ears, and even on your forehead.
A healthy radiance will gradually spread over your whole face, giving your complexion a fresh, rosy look.

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