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Discover the sensorial engineering of Oil In Water’s sea of pearls

Pleasing to the senses but also hydrating and efficient. Discover the power and the potential of fresh microcapsules.

Discover the sensorial engineering of Oil In Water’s sea of pearls

The first “sea of pearls” texture

Oil in Water essence balances scientifically proven efficacy with the most exquisite sensory texture. Resembling a sea of oil pearls suspended in the purest water, this texture is like no other. Gliding effortlessly over skin, its light formula envelops the epidermis in hydration, leaving nothing but the silkiest of non-oily, non-sticky finishes.

This innovative texture is extremely functional for it creates a film exactly like the “skin’s personal bodyguard”, your natural hydrolipidic film. This seamless fusion of lipids and water becomes a barrier helping to prevent surface water loss. Your skin becomes stronger and is no longer vulnerable to external attacks. In today’s post-modern era, skin is assailed on all fronts, every day, by multiple beauty menaces: drying air-conditioning, pro-oxidant pollution, damaging UV rays… Stressed from every angle, the hydrolipidic film is weakened, depleted of its vital lipids. Without its oil-phase, skin is unable to retain its essential water. It becomes dull and dry, its radiance extinguished. Unprotected, skin’s living epidermis is exposed to harmful free radical attacks.

Matching the unmatchable

Oil in Water Essence is inspired by the composition of the hydrolipidic film, Vichy Laboratories created the first Oil in Water Essence: a perfect cocoon for skin, with an exquisite fusion of oil pearls suspended in Vichy Mineralizing Water. This unique formula matches the unmatchable: the oil and water phases are united as one in a single essence.

In the powerful water phase, you’ll find: - Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water, pure-sourced from the unspoilt Vichy springs, this natural elixir opens intercellular gateways to ensure a perfect moisture flow throughout the skin. - Glycerin, an active hydrating reference ingredient, this water-soluble molecule helps trap water within the epidermis. - Hyaluronic acid, naturally sourced through a unique wheat fermentation process, this molecule is able to retain up to a thousand times its weight in water, plumping the epidermis with freshness.

While its reconstructive oil phase offers you: - Squalane, extracted from pure olive oil, this genius molecule mimics the main component of skin’s own sebum, a key element of the hydrolipidic film. - Vitamin E, naturally present in the skin, this anti-oxidant reference ingredient is sourced from sunflower oil to combat lipid oxidation and free radical attacks.

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