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Everyday stress: its contributing role in hair loss

Stress may seem inevitable in contemporary life, from workload pressures to the multiple minor annoyances of urban life, and ironically, these days most of us worry about its impact on our general health. How can it affect your hair?

Everyday stress: its contributing role in hair loss

What causes hair loss?

There are several reasons for hair loss, but one we are all exposed to is stress. The American Institute of Stress
cites difficulty sleeping, anxiety and increased appetite as common symptoms of excess stress; these factors take their toll on your whole body- including your hair and skin.
A good night’s rest is vital, as the skin regenerates itself naturally whilst we sleep. Coupled with excess cortisol, lack of sleep weakens the skin’s defenses. According to the Trichological Society, hair loss can be a common symptom of vitamin deficiency, so eating a balanced diet is imperative to healthy hair growth.

Tackling stress for better hair health

Experts agree that improving your ability to handle stress is important for reducing hair loss, and generally solves the problem. So in addition to improving your diet, find a
stress-busting technique that suits your personality and lifestyle: a yoga class is a great way to combine physical exercise with meditative practice. Or try Boxercise: burn off excess stress and get a great cardio-vascular workout! Many lifestyle and sport magazines recommend switching your exercise routine regularly to avoid plateaus, and including weights for extra impact. Team sports are also great for bonding with friends and de-stressing together.

Mindfulness-based breathing techniques can also help you to disconnect from stress sources and lessen their effect on your mental and physical wellbeing. You can get started by going to the Mindful website.

By reinforcing your ability to cope with stress, you’ll not only beat hair loss but improve your overall health to create a happier you!

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