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Eye cream 101: why your regular moisturizer won't do

Sure, we’ve all done it when we only have five seconds to spare - but when it comes to taking care of your eye contour, a quick swipe of your usual moisturizer isn’t going to cut it.

Eye cream 101: why your regular moisturizer won't do

Read on as we explain why it’s so important to choose a product specifically formulated for this delicate area.

Why does the eye contour need a specific cream?

It might not be very large, but the eye contour is actually one of the hardest-working areas on the face. Did you know, for example, that our ocular region averages over 10,000 blinking movements per day? On top of this daily strain, the delicate skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive to sunlight and UV-related damage because it’s so thin. This makes it one of the first areas where signs of aging tend to show up.

As well as boasting skin that’s between three and five times thinner than the rest of the face, the eye area is lacking in fat cells, generally responsible for giving the face a plump and youthful appearance. Contrary to the rest of the body, the eye contour’s hypodermis - the skin’s deepest layer, where the fat that ‘pads out’ the rest of our face and body is stored - doesn’t actually have any fat cells of its own, meaning it loses volume more quickly than other areas of the face.

In a nutshell? The skin around the eyes is more sensitive, more fragile, and more susceptible to damage from external factors - making it more likely to sag and/or appear sunken if not properly taken care of. Because your eye contour has different needs to the rest of your face, your usual facial moisturizer is unlikely to tick all the boxes when it comes to protecting this delicate area.

Why eye cream beats moisturizer, hands-down

So, why is eye cream so important? Let’s begin by taking a look at what not to do when incorporating eye contour care into your skincare regime.

While most of us choose facial skincare products adapted to our particular concerns, you’d be surprised just how many of us think our usual day or night cream is up to the task of taking care of our eye area. Just like you wouldn’t wash your face with shower gel (we hope), slathering an extra layer of your usual day cream under your eyes is unlikely to be as effective as a targeted eye cream. Skincare products designed to encourage skin to hold onto moisture might be ideal if you’re prone to flaky cheeks in winter, but for those that are prone to puffy eyes first thing in the morning, these formulas can result in water becoming trapped.
So, how to walk the tightrope between too much hydration vs. not enough? When looking for an eye cream that’s able to effectively target some of this area’s most common complaints, such as eye bags, dark circles or fine lines, it’s important to choose your ingredients wisely - especially since these problems tend to be unique to the under-eye area. Look for thinner gel or cream textures that glide across the skin, and don’t overapply - little and often is the secret. Finally, combining an effective eye cream - ideally one enriched with active ingredients - with a regular facial massage routine is a great way to help prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as helping to treat occasional puffiness and/or swelling.

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