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Feel healthy and energized: 3 tips for perfect skin

Discover 3 simple tips for taking daily care of your skin. The goal: a radiant skin wherever you are.

Feel healthy and energized: 3 tips for perfect skin

Zero imperfections on the horizon, a vitamin-enhanced complexion, baby-soft skin... But how do these women manage to present such radiant skin in any situation? The secret (luck has nothing to do with it...) is that she pampers her face every day. Here are 3 tips to guide you in your quest for radiant skin.

#1 Skin cleansing

Pollutant particles, tobacco, sweat, dead skin... Throughout the day, impurities accumulate on the face, oxidize and prevent the skin from breathing. To maintain a healthy appearance, it is essential for facial skin to be perfectly cleansed.
Every day, using a make-up remover is compulsory – even if wearing makeup is not your thing.
The new textures of these products, such as micellar oil, are ideal for the proper removal of impurities, and as equally suitable for combination to oily skin as for sensitive skin types. Micellar oil brings comfort to the skin and is more effective in removing excess sebum.
For more thorough cleansing, add a cleansing gel to your regime. Thanks to anti-pollution or anti-imperfection agents, your skin is fresh and purified.
In addition, exfoliate your skin with a micro-grain scrub once per week, to boost the regeneration of the epidermis.

#2 Moisturize your skin during every phase of your life

Dermatologists agree: hydration is the key to stronger and more beautiful skin. So, never leave your skin thirsty. Whether at the beach, the office, on waking, at age twenty or fifty... At every moment of your life, it is essential to hydrate your skin.

How? With a day and / or night cream (for your skin type). And if you do not want to get rid of your favorite anti-wrinkle cream, use a hydrating serum.

But also moisturize your skin by drinking at least 1 liter to 1.5 liters of water per day (as recommended by the National Health and Nutrition Program). You can mist your face with mineralized water too, after sport, for example, or at work when the air con has a drying effect on your face.

#3 Pay special attention around your eyes

Tiny lines of dehydration, bluish dark circles, puffy eyelids... It is the eyes that mark most easily, betraying the small excesses of everyday life. Because the skin here is thinner and more sensitive. And as the eyes are a major beauty concern for women today, it is essential to apply a specialized  care product to the eye contours in order to discover perfect quality skin. Anti-wrinkle ingredients, concealers or moisturizers help to awaken your eye contour and preserve its youth.
To relieve tired eyes, place your eye-care product in the fridge. Under the action of cold (activating micro-circulation), the puffiness will fade and the eye contour will lighten.

Bonus tip: In terms of your dietary intake, think good skin foods. Certain foods, rich in antioxidants, help the skin to fight against oxidative stress.

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