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Five top tips to fight acne blemishes and oily skin

Say stop to the shine and banish those blemishes with these lifestyle tips!

Five top tips to fight acne blemishes and oily skin

1. Exercise

We all know the health benefits of sport, but did you know it also helps improve your skin?[1] Getting your blood pumping speeds up the rate at which oxygen is delivered to your cells, increasing cellular waste disposal - including getting rid of those damaging free radicals.

[1] http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/acne/features/exercise#1

2. Eat healthily

While scientists haven't yet decided on whether processed food is bad for our skin, one thing they do agree on is that healthy food is definitely good for it. Olive oil, dark chocolate (at least 70% cacao), tomatoes, fish, dark leafy vegetables and nuts are all packed with skin-pleasing vitamins and minerals. And, of course, don't forget to drink plenty of water!

3. The right routine

A daily skincare routine formulated for oily, blemish-prone skin, such as Normaderm, will help cleanse your skin while providing hydration, calming sebum production and reducing shine. Used regularly, the skin will show both immediate and long-term improvement.

4. Don't touch!

Sometimes we don't even realize we're doing it, but touching our skin can cause breakouts, inflammation and oil as our fingers spread bacteria around. Washing your hands regularly will limit the damage, but try to stop yourself when you feel your fingers on your face!

5. Light makeup

Heavy, oily foundations can be oily skin's worst nightmare. Not only do they cause buildup, resulting in breakouts, but they tend to slip off an oily complexion, leaving you with no coverage by midday. Opt for a light, mattifying cream or even a tinted moisturizer following your skincare routine, and avoid oil-based products which won't stick and risk irritating your skin.

Blemish-prone and oily skin doesn't have to be the bane of your life. These simple steps will help you stay shine-free and spotless!

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