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Formulation and sensitive skin

What are sensitive skin care products? How are they tested? How should you choose a suitable care product when you have sensitive skin? The answers.

Formulation and sensitive skin

What is sensitive skin?

“60% of consumers say they have sensitive skin, but in reality, 25% actually suffer from skin sensitivity,” explains Sophie Veyrat, Vichy Laboratories Director of Care Product Development.

So, what does it mean to have sensitive skin? Simply that this skin’s reactivity has a higher threshold than others.
“It reacts more strongly and faster compared to normal skin (which does not react) against external stimuli such as pollution, temperature changes or UV,” adds Sophie.

Appropriate skincare products to protect sensitive skin

To fight against the symptoms of discomfort that make life tough on sensitive skin, “You must maintain the cutaneous barrier as this protects your skin,” says Sophie. For this, “Choose a moisturizer or a nourishing care product that will comfort and immediately soothe the skin,” she advises.

o take care of skin sensitivity, “The skincare product formulation should be a balance between safety and efficiency. The choice of raw ingredients is therefore essential. For example, you should avoid irritants, opt for lipids that are naturally present in the skin and prioritize enveloping and comforting textures,” says Sophie. 

“To be sure of choosing a cream that suits your sensitive skin, the words: tested on sensitive skin are enough. Because hypoallergenic or dermatologically tested care products are not necessarily intended for sensitive skin,” concludes Sophie.

How are products tested for sensitive skin care?

“At Vichy, all the care products are tolerated by sensitive skin, it has always been the same DNA in the formulation of Vichy care," says Sophie. Naturally, the formulations are tested in this way:
- Studies are conducted only on people with sensitive skin
- Under dermatological control
- In external clinical research centers
- Under normal conditions of use

“The results are then analyzed and if any formulation causes a reaction on sensitive skin, then the care product is reformulated,” confirms the expert.

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    At Vichy, we’re hypoallergenic or nothing.

    Brand Values

    At Vichy, we’re hypoallergenic or nothing.

    As a French pharmacy brand, a Vichy skincare product is hypoallergenic.  More than 2000 women each year test the tolerance of our products on their skin. And during these tests if a single reaction occurs, we return to the formulation stage. Since Vichy was created to meet a multitude of skin needs, we’re naturally committed to your skin’s tolerance and to minimizing potential allergy risk for every ingredient and therefore for the final formula.

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