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Here’s why you should be wearing SPF every day

We all know how important sun protection is in summer - but what about protecting your skin from UV damage all year round? Find out why you should be applying SPF 365 days a year.

Here’s why you should be wearing SPF every day

What are UV rays, and where are they found?

Sun damage is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to preventable aging - in fact, more than 80% of premature skin aging is linked to UV exposure. It’s also a misconception that UV rays only exist in summer. While UVB rays are indeed at their strongest in sunnier months, UVA rays are present all year round.

Did you know?
80%of premature
skin aging

is linked to
UV exposure

What’s more, UV rays are able to penetrate clouds even on overcast days, as well as through water, glass and other reflective surfaces, such as office windows and public transport.

Even in winter, snow can reflect up to 85% of sunlight[1], so it’s imperative that you protect your skin from sun damage all year round.[2]

Including SPF in your daily routine

Time is often an issue for women when it comes to taking care of their skin - particularly first thing in the morning! Opting for products already enriched with SPF won’t just save you precious minutes when getting ready, it’ll also take care of your skin while protecting against UV damage. Contrary to popular belief, sun protection doesn’t ‘overload’ skin, despite its enveloping texture. Rather, it’s an essential step in protecting your skin from environmental damage.

The most obvious solution when it comes to incorporating SPF into your skincare routine? Using a day cream or tinted moisturizer. For perfectly primed skin, opt for a mattifying cream. Vichy’s UV Daily Anti-Shine cream (SPF 50+) is ideal for oily skin, with its shine-reducing texture leaving skin looking poreless. Its formula moisturizes skin for up to 8 hours, while the complexion is unified and smoothed thanks to a combination of mineral pigments.

If you’re looking for a glowy, even-toned finish, UV Daily’s anti-dullness BB cream also offers SPF 50+ protection while being quickly absorbed into skin. Finally, UV Daily’s Invisible Mist is the perfect finishing touch, especially if you’re in a rush: not only will it seal your look for makeup that won’t budge, it offers SPF 50+ protection and 24-hour hydration for skin that’s protected round the clock!


[1] Robert Kandel, directeur de recherche honoraire du CNRS, Laboratoire de météorologie dynamique (LMD/IPSL), Palaiseau
[2] http://www.cnrs.fr/cw/dossiers/dosclim/contenu/alternative/alter_etape1_4.html

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