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How can a rehydration solution help prevent daily skin dehydration?

Inspired by the concept of rehydrating your body after exercise, a rehydration solution is the key to fighting daily skin dehydration. We explore how this solution composition works.

In a day, the skin loses about approximately 500ml of water(1). This loss of water from the skin, coupled with water loss that is increased by aggressors, can result in dehydration, leaving skin feeling dry and more prone to redness and sensitivity.

A solution created to be in affinity with skin cells like Aqualia Thermal is designed to counteract this daily moisture loss, and replenish hydration levels in the skin to prevent dehydration. This results in rehydrated skin that looks plump and smooth. It’s important to note that even oily and combination skin can be dehydrated.

70-80%OF WATER
Contributing to its elasticity,
plumpness and resilience

Why does daily skin dehydration occur?

The skin contains about 70-80% of water(3), contributing to its elasticity, plumpness and resilience(2).
The stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) is approximately 13% of water concentration and works to waterproof the skin(2) while the dermis (second layer) contains about 70% of the skin’s water concentration, therefore making it a vital part of the skin to keep hydrated. The skin plays a vital role in maintaining body water levels and preventing its loss. However, insensitive water loss and sweating are two natural processes that result in the removal of body water.

The first type of water loss refers to how 50% of water loss happens through the skin, influenced by factors like the temperature and humidity level. If insensitive water loss results, sweating is activated by heat to regulate the temperature of the body. This can contribute to skin dehydration.

What are rehydration solutions?

A rehydration solution is a solution that has the same osmolarity in elements as cells, to be in perfect balance with a cell’s living environment. These cells neither absorb nor lose water molecules. The osmolarity directly affects the cells because when cells are placed in a higher concentration solution, the cell swells up and ruptures. This allows the water molecule to move to a solution with lower concentration.

On the other hand, when a living cell is placed in a solution with less concentration, the cell shrinks as the water molecule moves out. Rehydration solutions are all about regularating balance, and restoring what is lost from the body in order to prevent dehydration.

How does a rehydration solution work?

The Aqualia Thermal range, the rehydration solution for skin, has been designed to parallel the composition of oral rehydration fluids that are commonly used to rehydrate athletes and the like, who suffer from water deficiency due to strenuous exercise.
The active association moisturizer has been designed for keeping the skin hydrated. As essential nutrients and minerals are lost daily(2), therefore a solution that is designed to counteract these losses is the most effective in replenishing hydration levels and prevent dehydration, keeping skin happy, healthy and hydrated.


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