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How can you protect your skin against enemies of beauty?

Are you familiar with the enemies of your skin? As you know, these are often invisible. Here are some beauty tips and routines for skin that is hydrated and always more beautiful.

How can you protect your skin against enemies of beauty?

Identify the enemies of your skin

Pollution is a negative factor for your health. But it is just as damaging for the skin and especially for sensitive skin. It also worsens the effect of UV on skin damages. So you need to strengthen your cutaneous barrier to protect your skin from all types of pollution in the city where you live.

Seasonal changes can be seen in nature, but also on your skin. During these periods, air humidity varies widely. Dry, cold months call for richer hydration, like Aqualia Rich Cream, while you can opt for lighter moisture and UV protection, such as Aqualia Mineral Water Gel, during the sunny season.

Air conditioning
: In summer, when the temperature starts hitting the 30° C mark, you spend most of your time in environments where the air is cool but conditioned: at work, at school, in shops and supermarkets and even at home. Your body cannot withstand too much heat, but your skin may become dehydrated more easily in these conditions. Dehydration often leads to thinning of the skin and it promotes the development of finelines, as well as increases the risk of your skin becoming red and dry.

An unbalanced diet: Although this element is often ignored, it nevertheless contributes to loss of radiance of your skin. If you like sharing spicy and greasy food with your friends, well... watch out! This kind of food can quickly disrupt your body’s metabolism and spots can appear on the face. Try to balance your diet as much as possible with fruits and veggies.

The ultimate solution: strengthen the hydrolipidic film

Given all these factors that have a negative impact on your skin, it is essential to restore balance to the hydrolipidic barrier. Hydration is the key to a transparent and glowing complexion. In response to this requirement, Oil in Water was conceived as a luxurious spa product. It is Vichy’s first innovation with a harmonious co-existence of oil and water, to ensure that the skin stays hydrated for 24 hours. The microcapsules lock in Vitamin E and olive oil, properties that strengthen your skin’s natural barrier. And naturally, to make it even stronger, Oil In Water contains Vichy Mineralizing Water, rich in 15 minerals and sourced in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes in France. A pleasant and fresh texture that you’ll enjoy in your layering routine, morning and evening.

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