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How does city life affect your skin's inner glow?

Whether because of pollution, fatigue or plain old stress, city living can play havoc with your skin. Read on for dermatologist Dr. Nina Roos’ expert advice on how to combat the signs of a tired complexion brought on by city life.

How does city life affect your skin's inner glow?

City living’s effects on the skin: combination of stress, pollution & UV

We’re none of us strangers to juggling the demands of a busy lifestyle, whether doing overtime at work, catching up on emails during our morning commute, or simply failing to get enough quality sleep. Unfortunately, we’re equally familiar with the effects this tends to have on our skin. To better understand what goes on beneath the surface of the epidermis when we’re feeling tired or stressed out, we asked dermatologist Dr. Nina Roos to explain some of the most common visual symptoms linked to often-stressful city life.

As well as tiredness, which can lead to skin looking puffy and/or swollen (particularly around the delicate under-eye area), Nina tells us: “Overexposure to pollution and UV rays can lead to light traps forming on the surface of the skin.” In other words, those of us living in cities or areas with high levels of pollution need to take extra care when trying to guard against skin damage linked to poor air quality, which can leave the complexion appearing dull and tired.

Combating the signs of stress with effective skincare

Of course, when looking for visible, effective results, lifestyle changes go hand-in-hand with effective skincare. We asked Nina what ingredients we should be looking out for to fight signs of tiredness beneath the surface of the skin. Tired, dull skin prone to premature aging tends to be associated with a phenomenon known as oxidative stress, caused by various factors known as the ‘exposome’. It’s key, therefore, to opt for skincare formulations with ingredients aimed at helping to undo this kind of damage.

Overexposure to UV rays is a huge no-no when it comes to preserving skin’s inner glow, so in addition to your regular SPF, opting for products with ingredients rich in antioxidants can help slow the spread of aging free radicals. Nina also recommends regular hydration for plump, radiant skin. In addition to being formulated with Vichy Mineralizing Water, Vichy Idéalia Lumière lotion features hyaluronic acid, which holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Hydrating and brightening all in one - say goodbye to dull skin! Excessive pollution in particular can leave skin feeling inflamed and irritated as well as dull and lacklustre. Vichy Idéalia Lumière essence features antioxidant peony extract, known for its anti-pigmentation properties.

Finally, try and be a little kinder to yourself (and your skin)! Stop beating yourself up about there not being enough hours in the day to tick everything off your to-do list. A few simple changes to your daily routine can help lessen the visible effects of fatigue, so your complexion can look as good as you feel.

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