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How does oxidative stress impact your skin’s radiance?

How to reduce the effects of oxidative stress and pollution on your skin.

How does oxidative stress impact your skin’s radiance?

Acceleration of dark spot formation

Asian women are particularly affected by problems in skin pigmentation. Some women may notice dark spots on the cheeks or below the eyes. This over-pigmentation is caused by many factors, such as age or excessive exposure (or without UV protection) to the sun’s rays. But it doesn’t stop there... research studies have shown that pollution and oxidative stress accelerate pigmentation of the skin.

Oxidative stress and acceleration of skin dehydration

When your skin is assaulted by skin influencers and oxidative stress, the cutaneous barrier can be severely weakened. As a result, your skin quickly becomes dehydrated, losing all its brilliance. Ideal White Night Concentrate has been specially formulated to your skin from this dehydration. The active star ingredient of this night cream / sleeping mask is Aquabioryl ™, which, thanks to its macro-molecule structure, forms a moisturizing film on the skin surface in order to protect this and to protect the cutaneous barrier. Note that Aquabioryl ™ is produced from corn and soybeans, by way of bacterial fermentation.

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