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Interview: A Hydrogeologist Reveals The Ancient Purity of Vichy pH Balancing Water

Helene Celle-Jeanton, a Lecturer in Hydrogeology at the University of Clermont-Ferrand in France, knows something about the purity and mineral-rich qualities of Vichy pH balancing Water. Originating 4,000 meters below the volcanoes of France’s Auvergne region, the ancient water, containing 15 minerals and 13 trace elements, is completely protected from impurities. As a result, it naturally delivers to your skin the hydrating, soothing, restorative benefits of millions of years of volcanic activity. We asked Helene to tell us more.

Could you tell us something about the region of Auvergne as the home of Vichy water? What makes it so special?

Auvergne is the richest French region as far as thermal mineral springs are concerned. Looking back at Vichy’s specific history— its geological history— there was an important geological event that provoked intense fracturation and major volcanic activity. This volcanic activity began 60 million years ago.

Is that activity still visible in Vichy today?

INSIDE IMG-Interview A Hydrogeologist RevealsThe most tangible evidence of recent volcanic activity are the numerous hydro-thermal mineral springs found in the town of Vichy… this volcanic activity is at the very origin of Vichy and its thermal mineral springs.

Can you tell us more about how Vichy pH balancing Water was formed from the volcanoes?

At the beginning of the process, you have rainwater that slowly infiltrates the ancient fissured crystalline massif, a mountainous ridge formation. Then it goes deep into the massif and is charged with C02s.

How deeply within the ground does the water flow?

Geothermometers have enabled us to trace the depth of circulation at around -4,000 meters. There, the water reaches a temperature of 140 degrees Celsius. Heated this way and rich in C02s, the water dissolves the rock formations: rocks that were deposited 380 million years ago.

Finally, could you explain how the water remains so pure? What helps protect it from outside elements?

For one thing, the water rises rapidly to the surface— so it’s able to retain all the characteristics that it acquired in the volcanic depths. Moreover, since 1874 the collection point has been equipped with a protective perimeter: this preserves the water from pollution.

Vichy pH balancing Water: interview of Hélène CELLE-JEANTON, Volcanologist

Vichy pH balancing Water: interview of Hélène CELLE-JEANTON, Volcanologist

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