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Is your work life messing with your hair?

There is a correlation between stress and hair loss. Are you trapped in the vicious cycle of too much work, too little sleep, too little love, and far less hair?

Is your work life messing with your hair?

During periods of high stress, such as the burden of busy moments at work, family life, combined with loneliness or frustration may lead you to find larger than usual clumps of hair in your brush or when washing. This may be a warning sign for you to lower your tempo or apply some home remedies that will certainly help you cope with all dynamics in your environment. It als lower the risk of major stress-related illnesses.

The vicious cycle of stress at work

If your hair loss becomes noticeable, this dramatically affects your confidence and stresses you even more, making it harder to meet your professional or personal goals. Fortunately, like most other stress-induced symptoms (constipation, headaches, insomnia, lack of libido) nearly all hair loss is temporary, so t
ry not to worry about the problem. Focus on positive changes to improve your wellbeing and your hair should return to its normal fullness.

Review your diet

Working through lunch at your desk everyday – or even skipping it altogether – deprives your body of the full set of nutrients it needs, and visibly affects your skin and hair. Take a break because not only will improve your efficiency but will certainly improve your overall health. Opt for lunch break, filled with lean protein sources like fish, with fresh vegetables and iron-rich dark leaves. Avoid fast foods and snack on unsalted nuts, crammed with the healthy proteins and minerals that your body but especially hair will love.

Prioritize your sleep

If your workload or emotional, family worries keep you awake at night, this prevents your body tissues from regenerating themselves adequately. Try a relaxing bath, a calming cup of chamomile tea before bedtime – and as many early nights as possible.

Try cosmetic solution

Vichy’s new
Aminexil Clinical 5 has been developed to treat hair loss. Users that tried it found reduced hair loss in 96% of users, regardless of their type of hair loss. Regular head massage and daily application intensifies its effects.

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ENERGISING Shampoo - a complement to hair-loss treatments

ENERGISING Shampoo - a complement to hair-loss treatments

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