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Laughter lines: how to reduce the wrinkles around the mouth?

These wrinkles may be a sign of your zest for life, yet they are also synonymous with aging skin. But rather than losing your smile, learn how to decrease those wrinkles around the lips.

Today, 40 is the new 30. It’s the peak of all our desires and all our energies. Going out with friends, new yoga classes, discovering the pleasure of running, of family, promotion... Yet sometimes, in front of the mirror, these tiny wrinkles surreptitiously appearing around your smile can make you look more severe. Furthermore, this is why dermatologists call them the “wrinkles of regret”. So why should you lose control of your skin or your smile, when you can counteract the signs of aging with a good anti-wrinkle care routine – why not have the last laugh?

Smile without fear of wrinkles

A smile means a little moment of happiness, yet it is also one of the causes behind the appearance of expression lines, particularly around the eyes and mouth. This lovely facial expression, a sign of good humor, creates hollows and folds along the lips. Since you have 1000 reasons to laugh and smile every day, you should never be deprived of this pleasure.

Editor’s tip: go for an excellent facial hydration regime in order to plump up the skin on a daily basis. How do you choose the best facial care practices to reduce expression lines around the mouth? For an effective strategy, focus on formulas that are enriched with Hyaluronic Acid. This is the active ingredient advised by skin doctors to plump and moisturize the skin. It is no coincidence that after Botox, Hyaluronic Acid is the new star of injections, and that these treatments have increased by 30%* among practitioners. In your serum, its "water sensor" power allows the skin to retain its flexibility and elasticity, slowing the onset of laughter lines. Great anti-aging formulas are also inspired by nature: look for ingredients like Rhamnose, a monosaccharide vegetal sugar, selected among 50 other molecules, for its unique anti-aging properties on strengthening skin structure and reducing the signs of aging.

Laughter lines: limiting the impact of skin influencers

The culprits: the sun in summer, the cold in winter, pollution all year round, smoking, stress – there are many elements harming your smile. The skin loses elasticity and flexibility day after day, and the wrinkles appear. Once you reach 40, this is the time in your life where, more than ever, you need to invest in anti-aging skincare as unfortunately, 24 hours (and a good night's sleep) are no longer enough to repair the damages created. Indeed, according to a transcriptomic study**, aging skin takes 5 times longer to recover than younger skin. This biological reality can be countered by introducing more expert gestures into your skin care routine, like a concentrated serum.

Laughter lines: the solutions for correction them once they have appeared

After the age of 45, when the wrinkles around the mouth are marking your face and are increasingly visible, it's time to opt for a powerful anti-wrinkle routine with the serum + day cream duo in the morning and serum + night cream in the evening. Don’t forget the sensitive skin around your eyes, which can also benefit from a targeted product with a special applicator.
The active smoothing, plumping, wrinkle-filling and toning ingredients help to support your skin from within. 

Nothing is better in this respect than Hyaluronic Acid (the star of anti-aging) and Rhamnose (whose effectiveness has been tested through seven clinical studies and by 1,500 women). The high concentration of these two ingredients is found in the Serum 10 Supreme serum. After 4 weeks of daily application, 71% of women notice that their wrinkles are visibly reduced. Unity is strength, the proof.

The 3-minute daily facial gym for minimizing lines around the mouth

And last, but not least, learn the correct routine to apply your anti-aging products for the best results.

INSIDE-IMG--LAUGHTER-LINES- Against the nasolabial fold

Pick up the skin around the fold (at your lip’s corner level) and hold it between your 3 fingers, your thumb below the fold.
Go along the fold with gentle pinch-like movements.
Then once you reach the nose area, glide your clasped fingers firmly in an outward movement, from the centre of the face to the ears.

Repeat three times on each side.

INSIDE-IMG--LAUGHTER-LINES-2- Against vertical lip lines

Using your index finger and thumb’s pulp, perform gentle micro-pinching movements, perpendicular to wrinkle folds on upper lip line.

Repeat three times along the upper lip.

* Source: ASAPS 2014, evolution in 2013 compared to 2012
** Skin Knowledge Study by L'Oréal Research, 2015
*** Self-evaluation Questionnaire (52 women) within Cosmetoclinical platforms (40 women)

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