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Multi-masking: personalize your face masks

The latest beauty trend – Multi-masking- provides a solution for skin with a variety of needs. Give yourself a customized skin treatment at home with these tips and product recommendations.

Multi-masking: personalize your face masks

Never heard of multi-masking?

The latest skincare trend involves applying a variety of masks to the areas of your face where they’re needed, allowing you to benefit from a truly customized experience! Multi-taskers can benefit from a deep pore cleanse, gentle exfoliation and a dose of hydration all in one go! Simply apply your masks to clean skin and leave them on for 5 minutes before rinsing off with warm water and admiring the results. 

Ready to multi-mask?
First step: remove makeup and cleanse your skin.
Second step: Mix and match your masks. Here are some of our favourite combinations…

Multi-masking combinations to try for a beautiful skin

Dry cheeks, oil-prone T-zone = blue + grey masks

Multi-masking: personalize your face masks

Often, sensitive skin can develop dry spots under the eye area, on the apple of your cheeks and down towards the chin, while the T-zone suffers from breakouts. To nourish and pamper the dehydrated skin, apply on the cheeks down to the jaw line the Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask. This light, fresh and thirst-quenching renews luminosity and hydrates the epidermis to prevent fine lines and dull complexion. Leave the mask on, and to purify the blocked pores, apply the Pore Purifying Mask in pea-sized amounts to your chin, nose and forehead. Increase penetration by pressing down on the mask with your fingertips, and spreading it outwards. Leave the Pore Purifying mask on for 5 minutes. While there’s a common belief that once it’s dry, the clay is done working – this just means that the skin underneath is dried out as well so 5 minutes is sufficient. Remove gently with a sponge or a wet cotton pad. The Quenching Mineral mask can remain on your skin, unless you want to rinse it.

Dull skin with blackheads = pink + grey masks

Multi-masking: personalize your face masks

Bring radiance to your complexion by using the Double Glow Peel Mask, which targets uneven, fatigued skin, on your cheeks and forehead. When applying, stimulate the skin with light circular motions for gentle exfoliation. Team it with the Pore Purifying Mask on your nose and chin. This mask is formulated with two white clays to help cleanse pores and clear up breakouts without drying out your skin.

Dull and sensitive skin = pink + blue masks

Multi-masking: personalize your face masks

For women that desire exfoliation but are afraid of the harshness it might cause to their sensitive skin, Vichy’s Double Glow Peel mask can provide a gentle home peeling. A very safe yet efficacious concentration of AHA acid and volcanic pumice give skin a gentle double-exfoliation. Follow it with the Quenching Mineral Mask to calm discomfort and hydrate with skin fortifying minerals.

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