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Oil In Water FAQs.

What is the best way to apply this new, ultra-moisturizing facial treatment? All our answers for more beautiful skin.

Oil In Water FAQs.

How do you apply your hydrating Oil In Water Essence?

Historically, the Vichy Institute has always developed unique application techniques so as to boost the effectiveness of its facial skincare products and the efficiency of their properties. The story is exactly the same for Oil in Water and its innovative, unique sensory texture. A 3-step application for maximum hydration:
- Warm: Warm the exquisite “sea of pearls” texture between your palms.
- Massage:
Gently smooth your palms over your skin, working from the center of the cheeks outwards and from the chin towards the forehead in sustained strokes.
- Seal:
Sweep both hands over the face to seal in all the Essence’s hydrating benefits.

When should you use it?

You can use Oil in Water all year long, morning and evening. However, it's important to follow the steps of the basic layering routine. Prep your skin first with a cosmetic water such as Aqualia Hydrating & Refreshing Water or Aqualia Boosting Essence Water. Then repair your skin barrier to lock in moisture with Aqualia Oil in Water Essence. You may layer a serum such as Aqualia Power Serum over Oil in Water Essence for even more powerfully long lasting hydrating result. Seal in all the hydrating benefits with a hydrating cream. We recommend Aqualia Light Cream during the day and Aqualia Night Spa at night.

Oil in Water: for all skins?

Yes, Oil in Water is elaborated for all kinds of skin. Its weightless, watery texture hydrates without greasiness. It’s also safe for sensitive skin.

Should it be shaken before use?

No, the action of warming the transformative texture of Oil In Water is what causes the aqueous phases and oils to combine in order to infuse the skin with all their powers. Shaking the bottle will result in a mixing of the oil and water phase, and will not re-separate. The efficacy and quality of the formula, however, will not be affected.

Does Oil In Water clean your skin?

No, Oil in Water is intended for use after cleansing products (such as cleansing or foaming gel), refreshing hydrating water and an essence water.

Is Oil In Water effective in skin hydration?

When the skin’s hydrolipidic film is broken, the water can evaporate and the skin is less protected against aggressors. Using Oil in Water helps in replicating this skin barrier. Tests have proved that Oil in Water:
Improves hydration by 20%
Reconstructs the hydrolipidic film by 17%
- Reduces trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) by 38%* (instrumental measurement via corneometry on 26 Chinese women with dry tendency skin)

Use after use, your skin maintains hydration better and for longer.

*Study Report for Aqualia Thermal Oil in Water, oct. 2015.

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