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Our Tips For Fresh And Fabulous Skin All Day Long

It doesn’t take long for fatigue to show up on your skin. Dark circles and a dull, blotchy complexion are the unfortunate consequences of a tiring day. But there are easy steps you can take to bring the glow back to your skin.

Our Tips For Fresh And Fabulous Skin All Day Long

Beautiful skin from the morning

Cleanse your skin first thing in the morning, then apply a day cream with mother-of-pearl micro-particles. They blur imperfections and restore the skin’s luminosity, giving you lasting radiance from dawn till dusk.

A beautiful skin it’s also the afternoon

The french make up artist Yoana TG shares her expert tips for oily skin

- “Slip a sheet of mattifying blotting paper in your purse to tackle the extra sebum** that your skin produces around lunchtime each day,” explains Yoana TG. Dab it gently on the areas of your face that are most prone to oiliness.
2 - Freshen up your skin using a cotton pad that has been moistened with an astringent lotion containing peeling ingredients. It’s the perfect way to unclog and tighten your pores and mattify your skin.
3 - Take a minute to give yourself a toning massage. “Apply quick sweeping strokes with one hand after another from the base of your neck towards your chin to gently but firmly stimulate your skin tissue,” explains Yoana TG.
4 - Touch up your complexion with a creamy powder foundation to top up your skin’s moisture levels, then add a dash of blush to give yourself a healthy glow. In the afternoon

Yoana TG shares her expert tips for dry skin

1 - Refresh your skin by spraying it with mineral-rich thermal spa water (don’t forget to use waterproof mascara!) then, gently dab your face dry with a paper tissue.
2 - Take a minute to give yourself an invigorating massage: Using little pinching movements, work your way along any wrinkles or visible furrows to stimulate skin. This releases and fills any fine lines that have become more noticeable over the course of the morning.
3 - Using a brush, dab a touch of moisturizer on your chin and the sides of your nose, then add a little cream blush to your cheeks, lips and eyelids to enhance your skin’s natural vitality. In the evening
4 - Apply a color-enhancing lip gloss – berry works well for most skin tones, while bright coral is best on fair complexions. This little trick is a great way to boost your glam factor for an after-work happy hour!
5 - Keep a light scarf in your bag to bring some color to your face and help amp up a tired complexion. Pink or coral works best for dark hair, while blonds will get the biggest boost from light blue. Drape it loosely around your neck – or be daring and wear it in your hair!
6 - Loosen tight facial muscles with a do-it-yourself massage:

The evening: a facial massage to prepare the next day

Massage # 1: Try this technique, well known among singers. Make a car engine noise by pursing your lips and humming, so that your lips vibrate against one other. The vibration relaxes your facial muscles, smoothing and plumping up your skin.

Massage #2: Reduce dark circles by making circular motions around your eyes. Work from the inside out, lighting pressing the skin – firmly at the top and more gently as you move downwards.

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