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Say goodbye to summer breakouts with the help of these products

The glow of a summer’s day has hardly faded from your cheeks when a dreaded pimple pops up on your chin. Thought the sun would dry up blemishes? Au contraire. Despite popular thought, the sun is actually no friend of acne-prone skin.

Say goodbye to summer breakouts with the help of these products

Goodbye summer hello spots : the rebound effect

It’s the “summer rebound effect”: it’s a fact that the sun’s rays dry up spots and make the skin look clearer. But UV rays also thicken the epidermis and block the free flow of sebum. Consequently, sebum accumulates deep in the pores and clogs them. When dead skin cells and bacteria get into the mix, you have a recipe for a breakout.

Summer and spots : get with the program

Sun protection is a vital component of caring for blemish-prone skin during the summer months but that’s not all you’ll need to beat breakouts. Priority : a global approach to treating oily and blemish-prone skin is the best way to deal with post-sun breakouts. The ideal skincare regimen consists of proper cleansing, a targeted moisturizing treatment and the right makeup.

Cleanse your skin
When you see blemishes, you may be tempted to scrub away at your skin. Resist the temptation! Aggressive cleansing will only make things worse, especially if your skin is sensitive. Why? Overzealous scrubbing prompts the skin to produce even more sebum. Instead, using a gentle, non-irritating cleanser that is formulated especially for oily skin.

Treat your spot
Skin that is free of debris is less likely to break out. Choose a treatment that contains active ingredients like salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These exfoliating agents slough off dead cells, unclog pores and encourage the production of new cells for healthy-looking skin. And though it may seem counterintuitive, oily skin needs moisture, too: Pick a light-textured, oil-free product specifically formulated for blemish-prone skin. Look for the words ‘non-comedogenic,  ‘tested on sensitive skin’ and ‘24-hour hydration’ on the packaging.

Sunny makeup
Boost skin’s glow while taming shine. Look for a long-wearing foundation that addresses oily skin concerns. For example, a product with extra-fine pigments won’t clump together in the presence of skin oils. Even better is a foundation that allows oil to evaporate, leaving only pigments behind. Ask your beauty advisor or skincare specialist for guidance.
The bottom line? Don’t let the summer rebound effect put a damper on your warm weather fun. Follow our expert skincare plan and summer fun is yours to enjoy!

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