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Science complements nature for a pure glow

A night care product for your skin that is highly scientific and inspired from natural? Ideal White Night Concentrate contains a blend of active ingredients and properties to refresh.

Science complements nature for a pure glow

Phe-resorcinol reduces pigmentation

Its natural source: Phe-resorcinol is a molecule obtained by the hydrogenation of Pinosylvin, a molecule extracted from the wood of the Pinus sylvestris (Scots Pine).
Why your skin will love it: It reduces UV pigmentation and eliminates dead cells (and thus melanin-filled corneocytes). Its anti-pigmenting and depigmenting effect reduces blemishes and makes your skin tone more even.

Niacinamide reduces redness

Its natural source: Derived from vitamin B3.
Why your skin will love it: Niacinamide is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it inhibits inflammation and the release of inflammation mediators (pro-inflammatory cytokines) which results in an action on redness and irritations.

LHA improves smoothness

Its natural source: LHA is derived from salicylic acid.
Why your skin will love it? For exfoliating your skin, this active eliminates dead cells and melanin-filled corneocytes, and then stimulates cellular renewal. Just as after exfoliation, your skin’s more radiant.

Aquabioryl™ for moisturizing

Its natural source: Aquabioryl™ is obtained by bacterial fermentation of natural substrates corn and soy.
Why your skin will love it? It forms a highly hydrating film on the skin surface to protect the cutaneous barrier against dehydration. In addition, it provides the skin with a long term hydrating effect that increases progressively during the night, reaching maximum impact after 3 hours.

Vitamin E constructs antioxidant defenses for your skin

Why your skin will love it: Vitamin E is used for its anti-free radical properties and the protective effect it exerts against the oxidative free radicals. The skin is left better protected and visibly clearer and more luminous.

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