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Spotlight on a formula including UV-filter up to long UVA

The UV rays we receive everyday are composed by 25% of UVB and 75% of UVA. Besides, UVA are present all year long including long-UVA that we absorb deeply.

Spotlight on a formula including UV-filter up to long UVA

Vichy wanted to go further than protecting skin against external aggressors by, despite the usual uncomforting broad-spectrum filters (UVA, UVB and up to long UVA), managing to provide women with a pleasurable & sensorial experience. The brand wanted to make each daily application a moment of pleasure, because, after all, the success of Slow Âge depends on long-term daily use.

It was no mean feat to combine all of the formula’s active ingredients as well as the UV filters within an ultra-fine, highly sensorial texture. In order to counteract the greasy feel and white appearance that UV filters often entail, Vichy Laboratories integrated a blend of specific waxes within the formula to optimize on-skin absorption, as well as silica for a velvety surface feel. This surprising texture initially forms a drop, before instantly melting on application, leaving nothing but a pleasant soft-touch finish. None of the tell-tale signs of filters in sight!

To ensure a pleasurable application, the fragrance also needed to cover the specific UV-filter smell. The fragrance has been specially designed to express all of the volcanic force of Vichy Mineralizing Water to re-connect women with nature. The renowned nose, Philippe Romano, constructed the fragrance based on the duality of power and freshness. Finally, this radiant fragrance was also formulated to suit the needs of even sensitive skin.

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