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Strengthen sensitive skin with Vichy pH balancing water

To help sensitive skins face environmental aggressors, they need high-performance care products. Focus on Vichy pH balancing water , which has a significant number of benefits.

Strengthen sensitive skin with Vichy pH balancing water

Vichy pH balancing water , an exceptional formula

In 1931, Dr. Haller discovered the extraordinary power of Vichy water on the healing of skin wounds. 85 years later, Vichy pH balancing water is integrated in the Vichy beauty care range to provide all its richness and infuse the powers of its minerals. During its long journey to the depths of the earth in Auvergne, Vichy pH balancing water becomes highly concentrated in minerals and trace elements. When it gushes back up to the earth’s surface, all its incredible properties are preserved. It is extracted at source: pure and untouched by pollution. This water, rich in 15 minerals, proves essential for beautiful skin.

Controlled water to respect sensitive skin

Vichy pH balancing water  is collected at source, is natural and untouched by any pollutants. It passes through many tests necessary to ensure its safety and purity. Thus, Vichy pH balancing water  is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. Safety is at the heart of the brand's commitments in the interest of optimum quality.

A water with multiple actions for beautiful skin

Sensitive skin needs soothing. Vichy pH balancing water meets the many needs of sensitized skin thanks to 3 powers for beautiful skin. Vichy pH balancing water allows sensitive skin to become more resistant, due to its fortifying power. Possessing anti-oxidant properties, it helps the skin to better defend itself against these.


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