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The 1960s: 3 innovations which still affect us today

The 1960s: 3 innovations which still affect us today
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The 60s were the decade of innovation, where everything was possible. Let's look at 3 inventions which transformed women's day-to-day lives in travel, fashion and beauty.

Aeronautics takes flight with Concorde

The supersonic aircraft flew its first flight in 1969. Although it was taken out of operation in 2003, it nevertheless had a career of almost 30 years, transporting clients between Paris and London in less than half the time of any other airliner!

These days, plans are being drawn up to bring Concorde back. There are ideas, not only to use the aircraft as a tourist attraction (including a restaurant serving in-flight meals!) but, eventually, to get her back in the air...

Mary Quant frees women's legs with the miniskirt

We take it for granted these days that, when the sun comes out, so do our legs - primed for some rays in a miniskirt. But it was fashion icon Mary Quant who was the first woman to dare wear a miniskirt, designed by English designer John Bates, around London in the 1960s.

The short skirt was not only more practical for busy women to run around in, but it was a bold feminist statement. Quant would go on to also popularize hot pants in the late 1960s, another fashion revolution.

Science and beauty with Dercos

Big things were happening in the science industry too... Dematologists started working with haircare specialists, previously confined to the medical sector, and Dercos was born! A combination of DERmatology and COSmetics, the company was founded on innovative science in the name of beauty.

Dercos' pioneering breakthroughs over the years have included the discovery of the molecules Aminexil (able to stop hair loss) Selenium Disulfide (eliminates 100% of visible dandruff) and Stemoxydine (a revolutionary redensifying treatment), which in turn led the way for the innovative Neogenic treatment.
While the Swinging Sixties were all about love and peace, the decade was also a hive of scientific, technological and cultural breakthroughs!

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