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The 4 signs of a sensitive scalp

All you need to know about the signs of an irritated scalp. Tingling and burning sensations, tightness and itching: focus on the 4 symptoms of a sensitive scalp.

The 4 signs of a sensitive scalp

Many people suffer from tingling and/or burning sensations, tightness and itching on their scalp, but few realize that these are signs of having sensitive skin. With 230 receptors per cm², it's not surprising that the scalp - a hub of vessels and nerve endings - can be hypersensitive. Here are four of the most common symptoms of a sensitive scalp.

Tingling or prickling sensations

One of the main signs of a sensitive scalp is a tingling, prickly feeling all over your head. This can be due to a variety of reasons, the most common of which include pollution or a reaction to a haircare product. The latter not only includes shampoo, conditioner and styling products, but also - and especially - hair color, which should always be tested on a small area of your skin (usually the back of the neck) before all-over application.

A burning feeling

A sore, hot scalp is a sign of unhappy skin. The natural process of shedding dead cells can be quickly destabilized through harsh brushing, sharp combs and hair accessories that scratch the surface of the scalp, leading to a burning, throbbing sensation.


Just as you can experience on your face, the scalp also suffers from feelings of tightness, as if your skin is being stretched. Often, this is a sign of dryness: your skin lacks hydration and is less supple. However, unlike with your complexion, it is not possible to apply a moisturizing cream to restore the skin's elasticity. Haircare products formulated for sensitive scalps are the solution.


Embarrassing, distracting and irritating, an itchy head is one of the most common signs of a sensitive scalp. As with tingling sensations, this can be a sign of an allergic reaction to a haircare product or color. It can also be caused by the overuse of haircare and styling tools, notably hair irons, blow-dryers and sharp brushes or combs.

If you recognize one or more of these four symptoms, try adapting your haircare routine and using a shampoo expressly created for a sensitive scalp.

The 4 signs of a sensitive scalp

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