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The Benefits Of Hydrating Serums: Youthful Skin In A Bottle

Hydrating serums are full of active ingredients that enhance your skin’s moisture levels, giving your face a fresh, youthful radiance – the perfect antidote for thirsty skin that’s craving a beauty boost!

The Benefits Of Hydrating Serums: Youthful Skin In A Bottle

Should I use a hydrating serum?

At some stage or another, all women can benefit from the great properties of hydrating serums, which offer instant relief and long-lasting comfort for dry or dehydrated skin. “People rarely come to me and actually ask for a hydrating serum,” notes expert Jean-Marc Vernet, French Pharmacist, “but I often find myself recommending one.” Scientists have recently shed light on a key element that can help us understand the skin’s natural hydration process. They have shown that some areas of the face tend to dry out more quickly than others, meaning that hydrating treatments are vital to balance out the skin’s moisture levels. Experts Shirley Chemouny and Jean-Marc Vernet, both Pharmacists, say the following groups can particularly benefit from serums:

· Young, blemish-prone skin: to treat skin left dry from harsh treatments.
· Men: to heal skin that has been irritated after shaving.
· Those aged 30 and over: to combat fine dehydration lines and prevent the signs of aging.
· Mature skin: to enhance radiance and plump up the skin.
· Skin with redness or rosacea: to soothe inflammation and offer relief from irritation.
· Skin exposed to sunlight: to protect against repeated or long-term sun exposure.
· Skin exposed to environmental damage: to fight the elements – cold, wind, sunlight, pollution, big cities, mountain air, sea breezes, air-conditioned flights, etc.

What exactly are the benefits of hydrating serums?

Bring back that youthful glow to your skin with a hydrating serum – you’ll start feeling radiant in no time! These rejuvenating elixirs provide a feeling of freshness and comfort. “Serums have light, fluid textures that immediately sink into the skin,” confirms Shirley Chemouny.  Velvety-soft serums are also great for:

· Smoothing
· Brightening
· Plumping
· Soothing

How to use hydrating serums

Water is vital for life, so it seems only logical that healthy skin needs to be properly hydrated, deep down. Our two pharmacists confirm that “once you start using a hydrating serum, you won’t want to stop!” Serums are generally suitable for all skin types, but make sure you choose one that is made with thermal spa water, which will be gentle on sensitive skin.

Hydrating serums can be used as an intensive course of treatment or all year round, and can be applied morning and evening to thoroughly cleansed skin. Spraying your face with a little thermal spa water beforehand prepares the skin to absorb the serum even more easily.

Serums can be used as a base for makeup or in conjunction with a BB or CC cream. For additional hydration and protection, layering a sunscreen or day cream on top of the serum helps protect the skin’s natural barrier. As Jean-Marc Vernet explains, “It’s important to realize that moisturizing serums don’t typically contain any anti-aging UV protection.”

Serums are pricey – are they really worth it?

Are hydrating serums just another addictive – and expensive – luxury product? “Serums are an additional expense,” Shirley Chemouny admits. “And unless your skin really needs it, sometimes you can be reluctant to go that extra mile. But they are so highly concentrated in active ingredients that you only need to use a tiny amount! So you really do get the most out of every drop.”

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