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The Skincare Routine Approach You Should Opt for Acne during COVID-19

Here is how to improve the visible signs of acne and prevent COVID-linked acne breakouts and other covid acne mask reactions, such as irritations, rosacea, or perioral dermatitis.

The Skincare Routine Approach You Should Opt for Acne during COVID-19

Why does acne during COVID-19 occur?

Hormonal factors, and lifestyle and environmental factors such as stress, air pollution, diet, and UV pollution can affect the skin. These last factors, known as exposome factors have been intensified during COVID-19, adding sleep-related problems and mask-usage, which have both weakened the skin barrier function, therefore generating flares of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne.   The frequency of acne this year can be attributed to several different changes, specifically, wearing a mask and increased stress and anxiety. This is because, on top of being irritating, the all-day-long mask wear creates a humid environment that can cause increased sebum production, sweat, and bacteria to build up, which can clog the pores and lead to breakouts. Additionally, the friction and chaffing of masks on the skin can also cause the skin to break down, disrupting the protective skin barrier, and triggering an inflammatory process.

What are the best ingredients to fight acne?

To manage COVID-19 acne rash and other breakouts, not only should you be following AAD recommendations (cleanse & moisturize your skin daily, skip the makeup), but you should be using products that reinforce the skin barrier and help reduce the production of seborrhea.  When it comes to the best ingredients to fight acne, the Normaderm range is ideal. Its ingredients help eliminate impurities and excess sebum while regenerating the skin.

What is the best skincare routine to prevent acne?

Step 1. Clean your face with acne-fighting gel Vichy Phytosolution Purifying Gel is enriched with minerals and probiotics, to eliminate impurities and excess sebum but also to regenerate the skin. Pores are tightened are reinforced against external aggressions.  The result? Skin is mattified and becomes oily less rapidly. Pores and blackheads are also reduced. After use, the skin is cleansed of impurities and accumulated pollution particles. The skin texture is refined, and mask-related imperfections are reduced. The gel contains zinc, copper to regulate the sebum, and probiotics to strengthen the skin barrier.  

Step 2. Apply daily correction care cream
Vichy Phytosolution Soin Double Correction is a daily double correction care for acne-prone skin. It contains dermatological active ingredients from natural origin to purify and correct imperfections and reduce blackheads and acne marks. These ingredients include salicylic acid, naturally derived hyaluronic acid to moisturize and plump the skin, and phycosaccharide to reduce the production of sebum. This skincare product also regenerates the skin, hydrating skin for 24 hours, visibly tightening pores while reinforcing the barrier function of the skin against external aggressions.  

Step 3. Use an anti-blemish care Vichy Sulfure Paste can be used to prevent COVID-19 stress acne. This paste offers targeted anti-blemish care that dries, soothes, and reduces the appearance of pimples. After use, the skin is softer, with fewer imperfections and redness. This care contains sulfur for its anti-bacterial and drying action, niacinamide for its soothing action, and glycolic acid for its purifying and exfoliating action.

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