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The different types of wrinkles, and how to prevent them

Learn about the different types of wrinkles and how to best treat and prevent them with progressive treatments tips for eyes and for forehead wrinkles that target skin’s very internal structure and processes with compelling results.

The different types of wrinkles, and how to prevent them

Everyone can identify their first wrinkle. For many it’s the furrow on a forehead, the glabellar lines. For others it’s the laughter lines around smiling eyes or expressive lips. For some it’s the delightfully-named nasolabial folds, joining nose and lips in a gradually deeper connection.

As we travel through life, we will all wrinkle differently. Depending on genetics, on living choices, (even made years earlier) on how our faces naturally express themselves every day and how we care for our skin.

The good news is dermatology knows more than ever about how to slow the arrival of our particular wrinkles in time, with treatments that both instantly fill – and progressively encourage skin to create more Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid, the elements it naturally loses with time.

20%of skin aging is down to,
simply, time

The inevitable wrinkles: a line or crease in skin, as from age(1)

20% of skin aging is down to, simply, time. As skin ages and the first wrinkles arrive, this is directly linked to changes in the dermal structure – the skin’s second layer - namely the gradual breakdown of the skin’s fibrillar network – its’ collagen, elastin and GAGs (sugars) including Hyaluronic Acid. These are genetically-programmed wrinkles. If we lived underground and never saw daylight or made a single facial expression – our skin’s dermal structure would still break down, albeit at a much slower pace.  This intrinsic aging is simply a question of the passing of time.

The accelerated wrinkles: a line or crease in skin, as from inflamm’aging

80% of skin aging is down to this combined impact of external – and internal elements, linked to the way we live. Enter inflammaging. Chronic inflammation – caused by external and internal stimuli by enemies to our skin  – UV, light, pollution, stress, fatigue, triggers a cascade of reactions on a daily basis. Every day this doesn’t warrant specific repair but this low-grade chronic inflammation distributed across skin, degrades collagen and elastin, causing signs of aging long-term. Wrinkles formed by this silent process of inflammation-induced aging can only be repaired by taking the time needed for skin healing.

Eye wrinkles: lines or creases around the eyes, as from expression

The reason laughter lines show up here first for some is the skin around the eyes is so fine – and eyes are also one of the areas of the face that express ourselves most. This makes the expressive outer corners of the eyes, particularly vulnerable to fine lines and why there are treatments tailormade for aging eyes.

How to prevent wrinkles: 2018 innovations inspired by non-invasive procedures

Mirroring the current trend in cosmetic interventions towards subtle skin tissue inducers which, in contrast with conventional fillers, take a progressive action in restoring volumes since they stimulate the skin’s own capacity to regenerate. Next-generation anti-wrinkle skincare works for both an instantly visible filling impact – matched with a gradual influence.  Techniques like Bio-revitalization where Hyaluronic Acid is injected into the deep dermis to flesh out the skin’s water mattress and micro-needling, which goes as far as breaching the skin’s outer layer (Stratum Corneum) to rejuvenate skin through collagen synthesis, have dynamized skincare with new innovative ways to take its actives to the heart of the wrinkle.

Direct to the very source of the wrinkle

Inspired by micro-needling, LiftActiv Hyalu patches are made of 100% solidifed Hyaluronic Acid needles. The 160 micro needles puncture the skin, and the solidified Hyaluronic Acid dissolves deep within over four hours, or for best results 8 hours. From 1st use of the patch, there’s an impact on eye wrinkles, the nasolabial folds and the glabellar lines. Delivered topically and not by injection, low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid in LiftActiv Hyalu Mask, is so fragmented it can penetrate deep into skin has been proven to significantly decrease the depth of wrinkles. And significantly improve skin elasticity. Top wrinkle treatments are now even more active. With 38% active ingredients, new Collagen Specialist concentrates the highest concentration of active ingredients achieved by Vichy Laboratories to protect skin against the damage of inflammaging for ultimately more collagen and elastin in skin.

Dermatologist tips at your fingertips

Apply an extra amount of your anti-aging treatment directly onto lines. Use night creams to actually fill in the wrinkle with product overnight.  And for extra effectiveness, get up close and personal with the lines themselves. Pinch skin and slide fingers along the forehead to tackle frown lines. Continue repeated pinching movements from the top of your nose to the center of your forehead, then firmly slide your fingers outwards towards your temple to create tension. Conduct the same motion on the other side of your forehead.


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