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The role of antioxidants in brightening skin

All skin types are affected by this imbalance between the presence of free radicals and the body’s ability to detoxify and repair the resulting damage to cells.

The role of antioxidants in brightening skin

Environmental skin influencers such as pollution, UV rays and other threats linked to the environment cause molecules in the skin to become unstable, a phenomenon known as oxidative stress. This severely weakens the cutaneous barrier and leads to dehydration, accelerated skin aging and pigmentation problems.

How can an antioxidant combat oxidative stress?

A natural antioxidant, Vitamin E has oxygenated hydrating properties. It not only boosts the vital supply of stable oxygen to the cells, but it specifically blocks peroxyacids. This breaks the chain reactions that can destroy cell membranes following damage induced by free radicals. Vitamin E constructs antioxidant defenses for your skin, nourishing the lipids contained in the hydrolipidic film on the skin’s surface and protecting them from oxidation. This strengthens the skin’s surface capacity to ward off external aggressors, and ensures a supple, vitalized texture that translates into enhanced radiance.

What night cream to combat free radicals?

Specially formulated to rescue your skin from dehydration related to oxidative stress, Ideal White Night Concentrate is rich in Vitamin E, so it ensures an optimum dose of antioxidants in your skin. The formula contains a blend of active ingredients to refresh and renew your skin, such as Vichy Mineralizing Water. Powerful and charged with 15 minerals, it is integrated at 5% to strengthen skin’s antioxidant defenses, and prevent the alteration of skin’s antioxidant defense system when exposed to UV rays. This night cream can also be used as a mask, simply by massaging in a more generous quantity and allowing your skin to absorb it overnight. Apply the formula as a classic skin cream each evening, and once or twice a week as a mask for a stronger skin, night after night.

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