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Things you need to know to get the most from your facial mask

A mask? Of course, but when and how? Here are the things you need to know to optimize the efficacy of your face mask and discover the application methods suggested by our experts.

Things you need to know to get the most from your facial mask

Right place, right time

When do you have the time to apply a mask? All the time! Any point during the day when you have ten minutes spare is an opportunity to treat yourself to a moment of me-time, whether it be in the evening after work, before a dinner date or even while vacuuming (for the multi-taskers among us). These ten minutes, while it's lovely to relax in the bath with a face mask on, don't have to be spent idly. Use the time to catch up with friends or family on the telephone, start cooking or give yourself a mani/pedi. The number of times a month you should apply a face mask depends on your skin's needs and the mask itself. The Pore Purifying Clay and Double Glow Peel Masks from Vichy are recommended once or twice a week, leave the mask set for 5 minutes and rinse it off. While the Quenching Mineral Mask can be applied up to three times weekly. Leave the mask on for 5 minutes, and then wipe away excess with a cotton pad.

Correct application & tips

It's vital you get the most out of your mask by applying it correctly. You may know already, but it's easy to forget, that a mask should be applied on clean skin. Also, don't miss the neck and décolleté areas, which can suffer from fine lines and dryness if not cared for regularly. The Quenching Mineral Mask: spread a medium amount of the mask over your skin using your fingertips, and then tap lightly in forward and backward motions on the forehead, cheeks and chin to maximize absorption.
Our experts say: don’t forget the eyes areas. Apply the Aqualia eye balm in a thin layer around the eye contour before applying the the quenching mask to the rest of the face, neck, and decollete. You can apply a few spritz of the Vichy mineralizing water to intensify the fresh sensation and supply skin with more minerals!  With the Double Glow Peel Mask, use your index finger to spread on the mask in small circular motions for gentle exfoliation. The first 4 minutes allow for AHA peeling, while the last minute is dedicated to volcanic rock exfoliation.
Our experts say: if you want to intensify the exfoliation, spritz some Thermal Water over your face before making circular motions with your finger.  The Pore Purifying Clay Mask should be applied using the flat part of your fingers, lightly pushing down from the center to the outside of the face to promote penetration and focusing particularly on the T-zone, which is often the most congested part of the face.
Our experts say: Never ever let clay masks dry fully. You might find it fun watching the whole face crumble, but this just means that the skin underneath is dried out as well – 5 minutes is all your mask needs to do its magic! Before apply the clay mask, You can use a hot towel to envelop skin for a some seconds. After rinsing off the clay mask, finish the ritual with Purete thermal refreshing toner with a cotton pad. Not only does it clean the residue of the clay mask but it also tones the skin and refines the pores.

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