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Tips: how to treat hair loss effectively

Don’t let hair loss ruin your self-esteem: follow our simple suggestions to cope with the hair loss and surely you will feel confidence boosting.

Tips: how to treat hair loss effectively

While hair growth and condition is emblematic of both physical and psychological health, genetics also play their part- particularly for men.

Researchers have begun to understand the main mechanisms in hair loss, leading to eventual bald patches. This is most obvious at the front hairline and on the crown.

While this natural type of hair loss is often inevitable, it is possible to try to slow down future hair loss.

Here are six suggestions to consider:

1. Massage your head

1. Try a full Indian-style head massage, or a DIY treatment in the shower: apply a treatment mask, for instance Vichy’s Dercos range offers variety. Choose the one you find most suitable for your concern. Massage slowly all over your scalp to improve blood flow in the area, creating a better environment for hair growth, and aiding the penetration of the treatment.

2. Be as gentle as possible with your hair

Use only the mildest shampoos and conditioners, giving preference to hypoallergenic formulas, such as those in the Dercos range. Avoid pulling at your hair, or over-heating the scalp.

3. Install a showerhead water filter

1. Hard water can have a drying effect on skin and but especially on the scalp. Repeated scratching of itchy scalps can then permanently scar hair follicles. These filters are inexpensive but a wonderful improvement: your scalp will feel healthier and your ends more glossy.

4. Talk to your hairstylist

Together you can identify the best haircut to suit you and give the illusion of fuller hair.

5. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake

They contain vitamins, flavonoids and antioxidants which can help to nourish your overall body as well as hair follicles. Try to make your plate as colorful as possible with each meal to ensure balance. intake of all

6. Targeted treatments

96% of hair-loss sufferers found their scalp condition improved after using Aminexil Clinical 5, as well as reduced hair shedding.

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ENERGISING Shampoo - a complement to hair-loss treatments

ENERGISING Shampoo - a complement to hair-loss treatments

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