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Vichy pH Balancing Water: 5 smart reasons to spritz

Go for Vichy pH Balancing Water if you want to show off perfect, fresh skin. In the bathroom, at the office, after sport... There are a thousand and one ways to spritz smart.

Vichy pH Balancing Water: 5 smart reasons to spritz

#1 Vichy pH Balancing Water in the bathroom: help give skin a great start to the day

Each morning, wake up your skin with a fine refreshing mist of Vichy pH Balancing Water. Instantly, your face feels energized. Because it is rich in 15 minerals, Vichy pH Balancing Water strengthens the skin. Plenty to give it strength and vigor to face the day.

#2 Vichy pH Balancing Water after your trips in the city: for a less sensitive skin

INSIDE IMG-Vichy-Mineralizing-Water-5-smart-reasons-to-spritzScooter, car, subway, bicycle... Everyone has their mode of transport for getting to the office. But in town – hello pollution! A misting with Vichy pH Balancing Water allows you to reduce skin sensitivity and fight the puffiness that can be caused by pollution.

#3 Vichy pH Balancing Water in the workplace: fight the aircon

If the coming of summertime fills you with joy, the return of air conditioning to the office may be an ordeal for your skin... Because as the day goes by, it dehydrates the face at top speed and undermines the hydrolipid film. A large glass of water and a misting of Vichy pH Balancing Water over your face, and skin is immediately soothed.

#4 Vichy pH Balancing Water after a gym class: the freshness step

A 45-minute step class is great for internal cleansing, but your face is as red as a tomato. Vichy pH Balancing Water will fix everything. Cool and soothing, it restores the morning glow to your complexion and gives the body a great sensation of freshness.

#5 Vichy pH Balancing Water: to complete your make-up removal each evening

Finish your cleansing routine with a long misting of VVichy pH Balancing Water. Its cocktail of 15 minerals stimulates the regeneration of the skin overnight.

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