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Vichy skincare, why Made In France is our priority

From the day Dr. Haller first created a skincare range made with the mineralizing water of Vichy, the skincare that serves the world its French pharmacy brand expertise, is still made in one place.* Here in the Auvergne.

Vichy skincare, why Made In France is our priority

Made in Vichy

4km from the hot spring of Vichy Mineralizing Water lies the Vichy factory, where this water is integrated into Vichy skincare. Collected fresh daily, the decision to house production that close to source is the first decision in a rigorous control process to ensure the quality, purity and strength of the water used in every Vichy product.  
Each sample is analyzed to guarantee its 15 mineral-strong quality and purity. To keep this diversity and strength Vichy water is formulated into new products within a 7-day timeframe.
Like every other ingredient used in Vichy skincare, an extract of each water batch is stored so it is traceable for 4 years. 

a team of
400technicians, engineers
and quality controllers

A factory to mirror pharmaceutical quality

Step through the doors of the Vichy factory into a center of skincare excellence. Over a 48,000 meter squared campus, a team of 400, technicians, engineers and quality controllers oversee production of the majority of Vichy skincare products: prioritizing safety, with product quality, service and performance central to the process.
For the final product, the Vichy team carries out 100 quality controls, long before its arrival on your bathroom shelf. These controls ensure a formula’s stability, assessing everything from composition to color compared to a control.  Until the product is expert-validated, it cannot be sold.
Thanks to this focus on the highest quality procedures, the Vichy factory has been certified compliant to the most comprehensive international standards for cosmetic manufacturing- meeting 110 quality requirements and procedures:  (ISO 9001 & conform aux BPF ISO 22716) In accordance to the Health referential of Canada and TGA Australia, its standards come close to those of the pharmaceutical sector. The unit is also certified Safety norm OHSAS 18 001/.

A factory at home in its environment

Nestled in the landscape of the Auvergne, whose natural volcanic heritage is the source of Vichy Water, the Vichy factory is committed to making environmental progress.
For 2020, the unit has set a target of a 60% reduction in its’ environmental footprint, as compared to 2005 levels.  By 2015, sustained efforts had already reduced:
Water consumption by -57%
Waste per product by - 51%
Carbon dioxide emissions per product by -58%. The factory is certified to international environmental management norms ISO 14001, 50 001.

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