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We make sensitive skin our daily challenge, not yours.

At Vichy, our products are developed for and tested on sensitive skin. To develop effective formulas, teams of experts work to screen ingredients that have high tolerance on even sensitive skin types.

We make sensitive skin our daily challenge, not yours.

We test the efficacy of products on sensitive skin

Faced with the increasing incidence of skin sensitivity, potentially linked to our urbanizing environment, tests to evaluate both a product’s performance and tolerance  include women whose skin is sensitive.  Our goal is to provide the highest-performing products which respect even the most sensitive of skins.

each year Vichy formulas
are trialed on at least1300women with sensitive skin

Suitable for sensitive skin: how we get there

Under dermatological control – where certified dermatologists conduct industry-standard tests –each year Vichy formulas are trialed on at least 1300 women with sensitive skin.  The impact of each new formula on their self-declared sensitive skin is measured in conditions as close to real life as possible, and by a dermatologist, to assess its tolerance by more sensitive skins.

Sensitive skin and an allergic reaction - how to tell them apart?

Is your skin sensitive, or having an allergic reaction? Vichy skincare has you covered for both, but it helps to know the difference.

Dermatology refers to an allergy when skin reacts to a stimulus or various stimuli (allergens) by activating its immune system. Perceiving the presence of an allergen as a threat, the skin experiences an allergic reaction. An allergen is a foreign substance - which doesn’t trigger an allergy in someone who’s not allergic to it. Physical manifestations can vary but often include swelling, redness and significant skin itching. You can sometimes feel pain at the site of contact. Other symptoms can include: sneezing, coughing, even trouble breathing.

Sensitive skin is normal skin that becomes abnormally reactive under certain circumstances – without a specific immune response – and this is what marks its difference from an allergy.  Any type of skin can be sensitive at times. Signs of skin sensitivity vary from person to person, but if your skin is sensitive you may find it reacts poorly to certain skincare products. It might also change when the weather gets warmer or colder and need different kinds of skincare at different times.

At Vichy, we are committed to making products that deliver the best results, even when skin is sensitive. Dermatologists worldwide recommend Vichy, because they know a Vichy product has been developed for and clinically-tested on women with sensitive skin.

Beyond ‘suitable for’ ‘recommended for’ sensitive skin

We make sensitive skin our daily challenge, not yours.

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