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What actions can be taken to promote evenly toned and glowing skin?

All the beauty interventions and regimes you can try in order to achieve porcelain skin: radiant and evenly toned.

What actions can be taken to promote evenly toned and glowing skin?

The key time for skin improvement: night

Once you know the importance of time in relation to skin care, this helps you to discover perfect skin faster. Just as the leaves or petals of your plants open or close themselves, depending on the time of day, so your skin too has its “circadian rhythm”, meaning that it is prone to physical changes during each 24-hour cycle. During the day the skin secretes sebum to protect against harmful external influences, such as UV rays, exhaust gasses and pollution. All these factors stress the epidermis and gradually, the skin loses its radiance. During the night, however, your skin rests and recovers just as your body does. As these skin influencers are no longer attacking it, the skin can repair the damages that it has suffered during the day. Thus, it is important to seize this key moment so as to preserve even, glowing skin.

Ideal White Night: a cream and a sleeping mask in one single pot

Ideal White Night Concentrate is a perfect night care product, with six naturally medicinal properties to reveal the radiance of Asian women: antioxidant Vitamin E, phe-resorcinol, niacinamide, LHA Aquakeep, Aquabioryl and glycerin. The star ingredient of this formula is the Aquakeep: a molecule that retains a quantity of water 100 times of its own weight. With this cream developed for Asian women’s skin, two application techniques are possible: - As a classic night cream: apply a thin layer on the skin and massage until it’s completely absorbed. Frequency: every night.- As a sleeping mask: apply a thick layer and massage until absorbed. Do not remove the excess so your skin can continue to benefit while you sleep. Avoid the eyes and lips. Frequency: 1 or 2 times a week. With these two complementary methods, your skin will glow naturally translucent and rosy. One product, two application modes: no more need for a thousand and one pots of night care products!

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