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What is a skin cure?

Sure, you’ve heard of facials, face masks and even facial peels - but what about skin cures? We take a look at the latest targeted treatments destined to perk up your complexion.

What is a skin cure?

OK, so what is a skin cure?

Beauty experts can’t stop talking about the power of skin cures - but what’s the fuss all about? The latest hot topic in the world of skincare, skin cures promise targeted treatment for your skin, focusing on problem areas or specific skin concerns. The goal? Helping to counteract moments where your skin might be feeling a little more stressed out than usual - a few too many late nights or a less-than-great diet. Many skin cures promise fast, effective results that leave skin looking brighter, smoother or more even in tone. Sounds promising - but what makes them different from traditional forms of skincare, such as face masks and treatments? More than just a quick fix for tired complexions, skin cures are designed to be used as a complementary treatment to boost your existing skincare routine - in other words, an intensive course of action for your skin.

How to use skin cures effectively

While the texture of many skin cures resembles that of a serum - light and fluid, penetrating easily into the skin - skin cures aren’t intended to become a daily part of your skin regime. Skin cures are also often confused with boosters, which are intended for use alongside your existing skincare regimen - for example, being mixed with your day or night cream.

Unlike boosters, skin cures are stand-alone products intended for use over a short period of time, and are generally adapted to specific skincare problems. However, they’re not intended to act as a substitute for your existing cream or serum. Vichy’s Liftactiv Antioxidant & Anti-Fatigue Fresh Shot, for example, specifically targets signs of fatigue, boosting skin’s radiance while smoothing fine lines for a brighter, more even complexion in just ten days.[1] When it comes to application, once every three months (or more, depending on how stressed your skin is feeling) is ideal. Think of it as a regular therapy session for your skin!

[1] Vichy LiftActiv Fresh Shot, tested on 40 women in clinical conditions. 83% reported a brighter complexion. 73% reported skin that feels boosted, fresher. 71% reported smoother-looking skin

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