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What makes women aged 40+ smile?

Be 40, be happy. From enjoying family time and a successful career to taking up a new sport and feeling beautiful, there are plenty of ways to feel great over 40 years old.

Professional success

When 40 comes around, women know what their professional strengths are, and can really blossom at work. Use your experience to really push yourself, by mentoring a junior colleague or proposing improvements to a process, for example. Being appreciated by your co-workers will not only lead to a positive work atmosphere, but will boost morale and bring a smile to your face.

Taking up a new sport

Perhaps you're going back to sport after a few years off, or maybe you're interested in adding a new activity to your exercise program. Either way, there are a multitude of options for women of all ages and fitness levels. Enhance your silhouette and relive childhood memories with a dance-based class like ballet, a great way to burn some calories and get those endorphins pumping in a graceful, gentle routine. If free time is scarce, remember that even a short run after work or on the weekend will leave you feeling happy and motivated.

Feeling beautiful

Inside and out, it's important that you always feel beautiful. First, eating a healthy and balanced diet will help your body be at its best. 40 is the perfect time to perfect your smoothie bowl or detox water recipes.
In addition, maintaining a regular skincare routine will give you glowing skin so your inner beauty can shine through! Become a skin expert by using the best products for your skin’s needs, such as a serum highly concentrated in powerful actives that derive from nature.

Friendly fun

There are few things as enjoyable as spending time with close friends. Organize a group Sunday lunch and take the responsibility off your plate (figuratively) by asking different guests to each cook a different course.
It’s a great way to enjoy yourself and the kids can join in too - no-one says no to helping mix cake batter!

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