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What's the difference between replenishment and hydration?

What's the difference between replenishment and hydration?
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“Replenishing” or “hydrating” skincare products: do you know the difference between these two commonly misunderstood concepts?

In order to maintain well-hydrated and healthy skin, you need to ensure that you both add water through replenishment and also lock in the moisture in your skin via hydration. By recognizing your skin's specific needs, you'll find the most appropriate care for the most beautiful results.

Add water through replenishment

Water is a precious commodity for our skin. Due to the evaporation of water from the deep layers of the dermis, skin can become dry and chapped if not replenished. Sensitive skin is particularly vulnerable to water loss, which can consequently lead to flare-ups. The source of this replenishment can be found in our skincare routines, specifically water essence, serum and moisturizer, which combine different combinations of water and active ingredients to replenish water in the skin.

Vichy's unique Oil-in-Water Essence contains pH Balancing Thermal Water sourced from deep within the French volcanoes of Auvergne. This precious water contains 15 essential minerals and skin-loving nutrients that have been scientifically proven to reinforce, regenerate and re-balance the skin's pH levels. Three energizing sugars and glycerin work with the famous Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water to promote replenishment. Skin is left fortified and fresh: ready to receive all the benefits of your skincare routine.

Lock in moisture with hydration

Once your skin is replenished with water, strengthening the skin’s ability to retain this moisture is called hydration.

The hydrolipidic film is the skin's natural bodyguard against water loss, and consists of a fragile oil and water equilibrium. Vulnerable to dehydration and free radicals, it requires skincare support to protect the skin. Aqualia Oil-in-Water essence combines active ingredients inspired by this balance, thus it actually emulates and strengthens the skin’s barrier function. Moisture-loss tests on Asian women’s skin showed a 38% reduction in water loss after using the product, proving that their hydrolipidic film was able to perform more effectively.

After using the Oil-in-Water for 7 days, you will find your skin fresher, plumper, and more radiant. Apply as part of your daily skincare routine to enhance the benefits of your other products.

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